Dead or Alive and Pete Burns The Video Archives 1984-2009 Volume II


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1. UK TV Show title unknown 1984: In-depth Interview / profile of DOA. Interview with fans outside the Dominion Theater in London discussing there opinion of gender benders and men wearing make-up. Backstage footage of DOA preparing for the live concert and later footage of DOA LIVE. Following is a sit down interview with Pete Burns talking about the gender bender scene as it existed in the music industry in 1984.
2. UK TV Razzmatazz 1986 Something In My House (Performance)
3. UK TV Pop Quiz 1997?: Pete Burns is one of the contestants along with Toyah and Martin Fry of ABC
4. Ch. 5 UK TV Documentary 1997?: Pete interviewed about his working relationship with Stock Aitken and Waterman on his second LP Youthquake and the supposed difficult time they had recording You Spin Me Round. Also interviewed are Pete Waterman who creates the fuss about the recording sessions for Youthquake which Pete denies. Also interviewed Jeremy Joseph (Promoter G-A-Y Club), Steve Jenkins (Jive Records) and Kim Appleby of “Mel & Kim”. Later in the documentary Pete comments on the success of Bananarama.
5. Ch. 4 UK TV The Graham Norton Show Early 2003: Pete Burns is interviewed. This is a funny interview as Graham is always making lite of his guests. Pete discusses his new greatest hits “Evolution” and his shoe fetish and his marriage amongst other topics. Later Pete performs the new (at the time) 2003 version of You Spin Me Round (Like A Record). Please note there were intermittent audio problems during original broadcast of this episode.
6. UK TV BBC’s Liquid News 2002: Interview with Claire Sweeney and Pete Burns. Pete discusses various topics including the musicals in general and how Pete doesn’t like them very much. Also discussed by Pete is a (at the time) new singing contest UK based program as well as performing in Japan amongst other topics.
7. UK TV BBC’s Liquid News December 2002: Interview with Pete Burns.  Pete really curses a lot in this interview discusses the Osbourne Family TV Series. Pete points out that Kelly is particularly interesting. Pete also discusses seeing Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, working with the Pet Shop Boys new song “Jack and Jill Party” and living in Los Angeles.
8. UK TV “This Morning” Early 2003: Interview with Pete discussing his German mother. Pete also discusses that he believes in past lives. Pete talks about Physic famous in America Sylvia Brown, plastic surgery and new CD Evolution.
9. UK TV Ch. E4 “Big Brothers Big Mouth” 2006: This is a LIVE post show comment on the 2006 series in the UK “Celebrity Big Brother”. Pete is interviewed and comments on the fellow celebrity contestants and the events that occurred during the season.
10. UK TV “This Morning” November 2007: Interview with Pete discussingProfile on Pete’s experience on “Celebrity Wife Swap” and new program “Pete’s PA” (Personal Assistant). A clip of Pete interviewing potential assistants. Following is a sit down interview with Pete as he discusses the new program “Pete’s PA” and what is required to be Pete’s assistant. Visual backstage of husband Michael Simpson.
11. UK TV ITV2 “Katie & Peter Unleashed” Episode 5 11/16/2007: Pete and husband Michael Simpson are interviewed. They discuss new program “Pete Burns’ PA” and includes scenes from the program. Pete discussing being a hair stylist as a teenager and Peter and Pete wash a woman’s hair with Coca-Cola. Later Pete plays “Tat’s Out” where Pete is a judge. Later Pete  hosts a plastic surgery game where they guess the work that has been done by audience members.
12. MTV UK “TMF Greatest Albums Ever” 04/11/2009: Huey Morgan, Pete Burns, Suggs of Madness and Peter Robinson as they battle it out to decide who will be deemed MTV’s Greatest Album Ever. Pete is interviewed in a discussion panel format. Some artists that are considered are The Smiths,and Human League. Edith and the panel will have to choose from a shortlist which includes Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Radiohead’s OK Computer and Nirvana’s Nevermind as well as Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black and Oasis’ (What’s the story) Morning Glory and Human League.

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