Dead or Alive and Pete Burns The Video Archives 1987-1989 Volume III


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Rip It Up – Live In Japan (Tokyo 1987). Please note the concert offered here is the COMPLETE version of this official release. Other releases of this concert (namely in Japan 1987 SONY EPIC RECORDS JAPAN 482P106) on VHS have ONLY 8 live tracks where as the version offered here has 11 Live performances. This is a seamless compilation of two concerts in the eighties in Japan (if you look closely, you can see some costume differences). It is beautifully filmed in front of high-powered audiences.

I liked this group’s music in the eighties but didn’t like their video style. I much prefer this concert footage. Unlike so many concert tapes, the cameramen don’t try to stick the camera in the performers’ throats, there is a good deal of footage of the whole stage. And with good reason: besides Pete Burns prancing all over the stage, the go-go boys in their bare-buns g-strings are an exhibition of their own!
All of the popular Dead or Alive songs are performed here (se below), very well, and moving smoothly from one to another. Track listing is as follows:

1. Hooked On Love
2. My Heart Goes Bang
3. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
4. Lover Come Back To Me
5. Brand New Lover
6. I’ll Save You All My Kisses
7. In Too Deep
8. Something In My House
9. Come Inside (unreleased on Japan Version)
10. Son Of A Gun (unreleased on Japan Version)
11. I’ll Save You All My Kisses (unreleased on Japan Version)

Discotheque In Dream 1989 Tour of Japan

1. Come Home With Me Baby
2. Baby Don’t Say Goodbye
3. Give It Back
4. I Don’t Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
5. In Too Deep
6. Turn Around And Count To Ten
7. Brand New Lover
8. Get Out Of My House
9. Stop Kicking My Heart Around
10. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)

Please note that the 1989 concert fluctuates between color and black & white but still enjoyable to watch with 2.0 Dolby Sound conversion

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