Depeche Mode Documentary Series: Speak and Spell to Delta Machine 1980-2013 6 DVD Set (nearly 12 HOURS LONG)


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This 6 DVD Set is a compilation of a in-depth documentary of Depeche Mode. It was shot and edited over more than a year between 2005 and 2006 with additional documetaries added on (to complete the history) through the years since then. All of these documentaries have never been released as a set ever before.

This documentary compilation covers a series of  installments. Each installment covers an individual album release. This series contains album releases from 1980 to 2013 and ranges from 27 minutes to as much as 57 minutes long. In other words each “installment” is exclusively about one individual album. From “Speak and Spell” all the way to “Delta Machine”

Originally released as part of the CD Remaster series of 2007, each of the “installment” DVD’s below were exclusively sold separately with the accompanying remastered CD of that particular album. The other documentaries were released with other box sets or deluxe sets and would never comprehensively be released together as a whole Set until now. If you were to purchase all 10 CD-DVD Remaster Albums along with the various Box Sets/Deluxe Sets that these documentaries were sourced from you would be spending OVER $500.00 and some of the remasters have since been discontinued going for as much as $50.00 each.

Here for the very first time anywhere in the world MVR has released ALL the documentaries for each album in the remaster series along with follow up documentaries leading all the way to Delta Machine as an exclusive compilation on  a 6 DVD Set.

A comprehensive 6 DVD Set that you can watch in succession, chronologically and without having to swap out 13 plus different DVDs. If you don’t already own the CD/DVD Remasters and the various box sets that these come from, then this will be an invaluable asset to your Depeche Mode collection as it truly blueprints DM’s entire career from the very beginning right up to Delta Machine at the end of 2013. Totaling SEVENTEEN documentary installments totaling nearly TWELVE HOURS LONG on a 6 DVD Set. Each DVD of the 6 DVD Set comes complete with menus and chapter selections for each documentary. Below are brief descriptions of each documentary installment for DVD 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.

A simple must have for ANY Depeche Mode devotee containing endless hours exclusive interviews, rare TV Appearances from around the world and personal home video footage that you won’t see anywhere else. Another unique offering from Music Video Resource (MVR)

DISC 1 1980-1983

Depeche Mode: 1980-1981 Speak and Spell “Do we really have to give up our day jobs?“ (28:25) featuring interviews with the group (including Vince Clarke) and other relevant personnel such as Daniel Miller. There is various footage of the group’s appearances on Top of the Pops including their very first appearance from 1981 performing “New Life”. There is also vintage BBC footage of the Speak & Spell Tour from the same year. The remastered album was released on “deluxe” vinyl in March 2007.

Depeche Mode: 1982 A Broken Frame “The beginning of their so called dark phase…” (27:13) is a continuation (one would assume the second installment) of the ongoing documentary produced specifically for these special editions. Each member, past and present (if applicable), as well as producer Miller and various players in the Depeche Mode family, from public relations to tour managers, recalls the atmosphere and events surrounding this release. A documentary about the making of the album A Broken Frame, featuring interviews with the group including former band member Vince Clarke, new member Alan Wilder and other relevant personnel such as Daniel Miller of Mute Records. It also features vintage footage from UK television.(written and produced by Roland Brown; directed by Ross Hallard and Phil Michael Lane)
Depeche Mode: 1982 Construction Time Again “Teenagers growing up, bad government…and all that stuff.” (38:57) A short film about the making of Construction Time Again.(written and produced by Roland Brown; directed by Ross Hallard and Phil Michael Lane)

DISC 2 1984-1986

Depeche Mode: 1984 Some Great Reward “You can get away with anything as long as you give it a good tune….” (29:24) True, yet Ironic – because a song is classic for both its music and lyrics. To appreciate a song only for its tune is superficial, while to appreciate a song only for its words is to miss the music. A matter of both form and substance. (written and produced by Roland Brown; directed by Ross Hallard and Phil Michael Lane)
Depeche Mode: 1985-1986 Black Celebration “The songs aren’t good enough, there aren’t any singles and it’ll never get played on the radio” (57:41) is Martin paraphrasing Daniel Miller about his demos for Black Celebration in the film. The double-documentary discusses both The Singles 81→85 and Black Celebration, its more challenging commercial success (especially the song “Stripped”) and all five related singles. It also includes a plethora of behind-the-scenes footage of the making of Black Celebration and the ensuing tour. Highlights include the band meeting The Cure, and behind the scenes footage of several of the music videos. The documentary is nearly an hour long. It was released 20 March 2007 in the US, 26 March in the UK and 2 April in the rest of Europe.

DISC 3 1987-1994

Depeche Mode: 1987-1988 Music For The Masses “Sometimes you do need some jokes…” (37:08) is an extensive look at the album, featuring commentary from a wide variety of people, including the current Depeche Mode, former member Alan Wilder, producer Dave Bascombe, Daniel Miller, Daryl Bamonte, Martyn Atkins (who came up with the loudspeakers idea for the cover), Anton Corbijn, and others. The documentary features new facts on the album, and also an extensive look at the film 101. The re-release was released on 3 April 2006 in Europe. The US version was delayed to 2 June 2006 and is only available on a CD + DVD format, with no SACD. The DVD on all the versions are region independent however, so one can simply import the SACD version without worrying about the DVD being incompatible. The remastered album was released on “deluxe” vinyl 2 March 2007 in Germany and 5 March 2007 internationally.

Depeche Mode: 1990-1991 Violator “If you wanna use guitars, use guitars” (32:33) and featured interviews with the band, Daniel Miller, Flood, François Kevorkian (who mixed the album), Anton Corbijn (who directed the music videos and did the album’s photography/cover), and others. It also includes news footage from the infamous “riot” in Los Angeles which gave the band media publicity the day before Violator came out. The band were scheduled to do autographs in an LA music store, and the line reached into the 20,000’s. The event had to be cancelled shortly after it began due to problems keeping the line in order. There is also footage from Strange Too, notably clips from the music videos for “Halo” and “Clean”. The remastered album was released on “deluxe” vinyl on 2 March 2007 in Germany and on 5 March 2007 internationally.

Depeche Mode: 1991-1994 Songs of Faith and Devotion “We were going to live together, record together…and it was going to be wonderful…” (36:05) named after a quote from Wilder on the potential of living in their Madrid-area recording studio. It features interviews with Depeche Mode (including Wilder, who would leave the band in 1995) and other important DM figures like Daniel Miller, Anton Corbijn and Daryl Bamonte. There is also footage from the film Devotional and the music videos. The documentary mainly focuses on the extreme difficulty of recording the album, and the even more frustrating fourteen-month tour that followed. It was released on 2 October 2006 in the UK and 3 October 2006 in the US. The remastered album was released on “deluxe” vinyl on 2 March 2007 in Germany and on 5 March 2007 internationally.

DISC 4 1995-2002

Depeche Mode: 1995-1998 ULTRA “Oh, well, that’s the end of the band…” (47:27) the subtitle of which comes from Gore’s thoughts about Wilder’s departure. The documentary begins with discussion from all parties of Wilder’s departure before moving on to early album sessions despite Dave Gahan’s drug issues present. Eventually, it moves on to Gahan’s “death” and rehab. The documentary then covers the recording of Ultra and ends with a discussion on The Singles 86>98 and its corresponding singles tour. The whole band is interviewed, along with Alan Wilder, Daniel Miller, producer Tim Simenon, Mute executives, touring keyboardist Peter Gordeno, touring drummer Christian Eigner, Anton Corbijn and others. The remastered version of the album was released on “deluxe” vinyl 30 March 2007 in Germany and 1 October 2007 internationally.

Depeche Mode: 1999-2001 Exciter “Presenting the intimate and delicate side of Depeche Mode” (32:26) The documentary begins with the talks of Martin Gore’s writer’s block and what they did about it. It also discusses the first three singles, the recording, the cover art and the Exciter tour (including one of the opening acts, Fad Gadget). The documentary is around 30 minutes long. The three members of the band are interviewed along with Daniel Miller, Christian Eigner, Peter Gordeno, Anton Corbijn, and Mute label representatives. The documentary ends with a “To Be Continued…” Producer Mark Bell does not appear, and although they discuss the fact that the band decided not to have Corbijn direct Exciter’s music videos, they do not interview the two who did direct them. However, John Hillcoat, who directed “I Feel Loved”, “Freelove” and “Goodnight Lovers”, is mentioned in passing.

DISC 5 2003-2008

Depeche Mode: 2005 Playing The Angel “Making The Angel” aka “Depeche Mode In The Studio” (8:25) Inside the studio with DM during the recording of “Playing The Angel” Full interview with the band along with Daniel Miller.
Depeche Mode: 2008 Sounds of The Universe “Usual Thing, Try And Get The Question In The Answer” (55:12): A lively documentary more insightful stories and interviews with the band members and the Making of “Sounds of the Universe” a conversation with the band discussing recording techniques, intercut with personal archive footage from previous album sessions including Black Celebration. This is the natural continuation of the documentaries originally made back in 2006 for the other albums.

Depeche Mode: 2008 Sounds of The Universe “Making The Universe / Film” (45:23): a conversation with the band discussing recording techniques, intercut with personal archive footage from previous album sessions on the making of this album, from creation to inception. There’s a great documentary in that it is very personal and consist almost entirely of home video footage shot my Daniel Miller as well as Martin Gore.

DISC 6 2008-2013

Depeche Mode: 11/25/08 Sounds of The Universe “[A Short Film]” aka E.P.K. (Electronic Press Kit) (10:05): this short but insightful film is highlighted by interviews about the album by Martin, Dave, & Andy. It’s a sneak peek into the creation process and there are some nice stories by all to be heard.

Depeche Mode: 12/08/08 Sounds of The Universe “Studio Sessions”: Corrupt (4.08), Little Soul (3.52), Stories Of Old (3.24), Come Back (6.05) (Total Running Time-20:44)

Depeche Mode: 2009 Sounds of The Universe “Most People Just Worry About Hitting The Right Note… Inside The Universe” (35.30): Discussion whilst on tour. Includes footage of the band traveling and interviews with all band members. DNM also discuss the ups and downs the band experienced being on the road. Listening to Martin talk about how he was once afraid that he would drop dead on stage was funny, believe it or not. Dave candidly speaks about how he realizes he is almost 50 and doesn’t want to tarnish Depeche Mode if he isn’t at top form.

Depeche Mode: 2013 DELTA MACHINE “Alive In Berlin” (Edited Version) (24:33) The “original version” of ‘Alive in Berlin’ includes the full live show, inter-spliced with behind-the-scenes footage, multiple interviews with the band and their fans, and a 2-song acoustic session, which was filmed at Salon Bel Ami, the oldest existing brothel in Berlin. Being this DVD Set is dedicated to documentaries about the band ALL CONCERT PERFORMANCES HAVE BEEN EDITED OUT. Just the documentary clips brought together for a unique and collective experience of the documentary that was made at the time of the concerts in Berlin.

TOTAL RUNNING TIME nearly 12 Hours

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