Depeche Mode, Recoil Dave Gahan Martin Gore Solo, Soulsavers The Video Archives 1981-2017 (24 DVD Set 48 Hours)


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The following Worldwide Video Archives consists of footage from all around the world including all of Europe (England, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Spain. France) and Canada

No one thus far owns this entire collection as this collection is EXCLUSIVE to MVR as we have produced and archived this footage from the 1980’s to present. So, if you’ve seen ANY of these individual Volumes anywhere else it is because other sellers are trying to bootleg our work and expertise so don’t be fooled. You’re potentially getting your DVDs from the source that which created this collection over the last FOUR decades.

The footage contained in this historical DVD collection set spans the world. Mostly the footage is based out of America. However, this collection also includes concerts, documentaries, interviews, profiles, commercials and news reports from the following countries. UK, Scotland, Germany, France and Canada,

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1.    (UKTV)  Rockline from London 1992 Monument (Performance)
2.    The 1987 Montreux Golden Rose rock Festival 1987: Strangelove
3.    MTV Music News 12/9, 11 & 8/87: Interview w/Dave & Alan w/Profile of Band
4.    MTV Music News 6/02 & 18/88: Interview w/Dave During Press Conference & DM to Play Rose Bowl Gig
5.    MTV Music News 6/18/88: DM Performance at Rose Bowl, Live Footage & Interview  w/Martin, O.M.D & Thomas Dolby
6.    Depeche Mode: “Strange”  1987: Strange is a  Black & White Movie About and with Depeche Mode Based on Love or Life or Lust  or Maybe Nothing in Particular, and was Filmed in France, U.S.A, Spain, U.K., Denmark &Italy.  It Features…Question of Time, Strangelove, Never Let Me Down Again, Behind the Wheel & Pimpf
7.    Strangelove ’88 (Music Video)
8.    Behind the Wheel (‘7 Version)
9.    MTV’s Post Modern 12/88: Interview w/Dave & Alan Discuss How They Sample Sounds for Their Music (101 Promotional Period)
10.    MTV Music News 12/17/88: Interview w/Dave & Alan Discuss Concept Behind ‘101’ Film, Scenes from ‘101’
11.    MTV Music News 12/19/88: Interview  w/Dave & Alan Discuss Comparisons of ‘101’ to U2’s “Rattle & Hum”
12.    MTV Music News 12/2/88: Interview w/Dave & Alan Discuss why 1988 was the Year for Depeche Mode in the USA
13.    Everything Counts (Live) 4/24/89:  (Music Video)
14.    MTV Music News 5/6/89: ‘101’ Film Premiere in New York City Interview w/Martin (6/18/88), Alan 5/89 & D.A. Pennebaker (Director of ‘101’) at Premiere Also Interview w/ dave 5/89
15.    MTV Music News 7/23/89: Martin Gore to Release Solo Project ‘Counterfeit’
16.    MTV Now Hear This 9/25/89: News of new music Video Personal Jesus (Clip)
17.    MTV Post Modern 11/14/89: News of Depeche Mode & Everything Counts (Live) Music Video *Full Version*
18.    MTV Post Modern 11/14/89: Premiere of Personal Jesus (Music Video)
19.    MTV Now Hear This 1/08/90: New Releases  of 1990 Including DM’s Violator LP
20.    The 1988 MTV Video Music Awards 9/7/88: Strangelove (Performance)
21.    Sire Records Commercial 1/90: Violator Disc from Depeche Mode, Scenes from Personal Jesus
22.    MTV Music News 3/20/90:DM Mobbed at Record Signing in Los Angeles, Interview  w/Alan & Andrew  & Footage of Fans Outside on Line
23.    MTV 120 Minutes 3/26/90: In Depth in Studio Interview w/Dave & Martin & Enjoy the Silence (Music Video)
24.    MTV Post Modern 3/27/90: Martin & Dave Introduce Enjoy the Silence (Music Video) & Interview w/ Dave & Martin Discussing New Sound of Violator Versus Music for the Masses
25.    MTV Post Modern 6/15/90: Discuss the Making of Music Videos like Personal Jesus & Enjoy the Silence
26.    MTV The Week ib rock 6/23/90: Violation Tour Hits the U.S.A. Interview w/ Andrew & Dave w/Live Footage From Violation Tour, Interview w/Martin
27.    Policy of Truth 7/90: Music Video
28.    MTV 1990 Music Video Awards Spotlight Show 8/29/90: Fans Respond on Who’s the Sexiest in Music, Lots of Dave Fans
29.    MTV Sex in the 90’s 9/12/90: Interview w/Dave & Martin
30.    MTV Music News 1/27/93: New Disc Songs of Faith and Devotion, Interview w/Dave & Alan, Behind the Scenes of Photo Shoot w/Anton Corbin
31.    I Feel You 2/93: Music Video
32.    MTV Music News 3/23/93: Interview w/Dave & Alan Discuss “I Feel You” as First Single on Location at Photo Shoot w/Corbin
33.    MTV Music News 4/26/93: Diesel Christ cover “I Feel You” Sample of Song
34.    MTV’s Faith and Devotion Contest Commercial 6/16/93: Commercial Includes Exclusive Footage of DM
35.    Sire Records Promotional Commercial 7/93: Faith and Devotion Tour Advertisement 9/23/93


1.    “The World We Live and In Håmburg” Germany 1985: Something to Do, If You Want, People are People, Somebody, Lie to Me, Blasphemous Rumours, Told You So, Master and Servant, Photographic, Everything Counts, Just Can’t Get Enough
2.    “Strange Too: Music Video Complication 1991: Personal Jesus, Policy of Truth, Enjoy the Silence, Clean, Halo, World in My Eyes, Another Violation by Anton Corbin
3.    MTV Alternative Nation 3/3/93: Interview w/Dave & Martin Discuss New Disc & the Fans
4.    MTV World Premiere 5/04/93: Walking in My Shoes (MTV Version)
5.    MTV 1993 Video Music Awards Opening Act 9/02/93: Interview w/Dave Discusses Tour Rehearsal and Start of Tour in Canada
6.    The 1993 MTV Video Music Awards 9/02/93: Best Group Nomination
7.    Condemnation (Conceptual Version 2) 9/93: Music Video
8.    MTV The Week in Rock 10/01/93: Opening, Teaser Interview w/Martin & Alan, Live Footage from The Devotional Tour, Footage of On Line Chat Session
9.    Condemnation (Live, Version 1) 9/93, Music Video
10.     MTV Music News 10/93: High Ticket Prices Interview w/ Alan


1.    One Caress 11/93: Music Video w/Slate
2.    MTV The Year in Rock 12/93: Tours of ’93 DM is Profiled, Footage of Tour in NYC & Interview w/Martin
3.    MTV Music News 1/09/94: Profile & Interview w/Anton Corbijn, Footage of DM on Tour, Music Videos & Photo Session w/Dm
4.    In Your Room 12/21/93: Music Video
5.    “Devotional”: A Performance Filmed by Anton Corbijn: Higher Love, World in My Eyes, Walking in My Shoes, Behind the Wheel, Stripped, Condemnation, Judas, Mercy in You, I Feel You, Never Let Me Down Again, Rush, In Your Room, -Encore- Personal Jesus, Enjoy the Silence, Fly on the Windscreen, Everything Counts
***This Laser Disc Version Includes Two Tracks Not on the VHS Release***
6.    MTV Video Music News 7/14/93: Dave Fractures  Rib at Tours End
7.    Warner Brothers “Just Say Yes The Video: 1991: Various Bands Comment on Depeche Mode & Shake the Disease (Music Video)
8.    VH-1 Naked Café 3/95: Profile & Interview w/Karen Doonesbery Designer for Stage Wear, Worked w/Depeche Mode on Tour Outfits and Visit from Dave Gahan & Interview w/Dave
9.    MTV Music News 8/18/95: Dave Admitted to Los Angeles Hospital for Alleged Suicide Attempt
10.    MTV Week in Rock 5/30/96: “Weekly Rewind Segment” Dave Arrested for Possession of Cocaine, Found Unconscious & Interview w/Dave Outside Court House (RARE)
11.    Barrel of a Gun 2/97: Music Video w/Slate
12.    MTV 120 Minutes 4/13/97: Flashback Segment Everything Counts (Live) Debuted on 120 Minutes in 1989


1.    The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 5/97: Teaser w/Clip of It’s No Good Music Video, It’s No Good (Live) & Closing Segment with the Band (Length 5:43)
2.    The Ultra Electronic Press Kit 2/26/97: In Depth Stylistic Interview with The Band Discussing New LP Ultra (Length 18:05)
3.    Canada’s MuchMusic 1997: “Fax” Segment – Profile of Band and Interview with Dave (Discuss Drug Addiction) & Martin (2:25)
4.    Canada’s MuchMusic 1993: In Studio Interview with Dave Gahan (Pt. 1) Discusses Songs of Faith and Devotion, I Feel You (Music Video), Interview (Pt. 2) Dave Takes Questions from Fans Live, Halo (Music Video), Interview (Pt. 3), Never Let Me Down Again (Music Video) – Length 37:20
5.    Canada’s MuchMusic’s “Egos and Icons 1993: Career Profile, Interview w/Dave (1993), Int. w/Dave (1985), Int. w/Martin (1993), Int. w/Dave (1993), Int. w/ Dave & Martin (1982), Int. w/Andrew (1983), Int. w/Alan (1989), Int. w/Dave & Martin (1986), Int. w/Dave & Alan (1989), Int. w/Dave (1993), Int. w/Dave & Martin (1989), Int. w/Alan (1993), Int. w/Alan & Dave(1989), Int. w/Dave (1993), Int. w Alan, Andrew & Martin (1993), Int. w/Dave (1993), Int. w/Dave & Alan (1989), Int w/D.A. Pennebaker & Chris Hegedus (Filmmakers of ‘101’ Documentary 19889), Int. w/Dave & Martin (1989), Int. w/D.A. Pennebaker (1989), Int. w/Alan (1989), Int. w/Dave (1993), Int. w/ Dave & Alan (1989), Int. w/Dave (1993). Int. w/Andrew (1993), Int. w/Dave, Martin & Alan (1993) & Clips From Various Music Videos of DM & Clip From Film Documentary ‘101’ (51 Mins)
6.    The 1987 Montreaux Golden Rose Rock Festival 1987: A Question of Lust (Performances)
7.    MTV News 8/88: DM Profile, Interview w/DM at Rose Bowl and Footage from Rose Bowl Performance


1.    (France TV) Cadence 3 1/23/85:  Master and Servant (Performance)
2.    Tommy’s Show 2/2/85: Blasphemous  Rumours (Performance)
3.    (France TV) Platine 45 2/16/85: Master and Servant (Performance)
4.    (France TV) L’Ecno Des Dannes 1982: Just Can’t Get Enough, See You & Shout (Performance – Live)
5.    (France TV) Jour J. 4/18/84: People are People (Performance)
6.    (France TV) La Belle Vie 12/16/84: Master and Servant (Performance)
7.    The 1985 Montreaux Rock Festival 6/22/85: Shake the Disease (Performance)
8.    Sweden T.V. 1982: See You & Just Can’t Get Enough (Live Performance)
9.    Top of the Pops 1981: Just Can’t Enough (Performance)
10.    Top of the Pops 1982: Leave in Silence (Performance)
11.    The Old Gray Whistle Test 1981: New Life & Just Can’t Get Enough (Live w/Vince Clark)
12.    Top of the Pops 1982: Meaning of Love (Performance)
13.    Top of the Pops 1981: New Life (Performance)
14.    Top of the Pops 1983: Get the Balance Right (Performance)
15.    Swap Shop 1981: Puppets (Performance)
16.    Top of the Pops 1985: It’s Called a Heart (Performance)
17.    Top of the Pops 1982: Love in Itself (Performance)
18.    Top of the Pops 1981: Just Can’t Get Enough (Performance)
19.    Swap Shop 1981: Just Can’t Get Enough (Performance)
20.    Top of the Pops 1983: Love in Itself (Different from Segment 17)
21.    Tis’ was 1982: Interview with Dave & Martin
22.    The Other Side of the Tracks 1982: Interview with Dave, Martin, Alan, Andy & Vince Clarke (Parts 1 & 2)
23.    Peter’s Show 1/87: Stripped & A Question of Time (Performance)
24.    Super 1989: Live from London “Personal Jesus” (Performance)


1.    (France TV) 1987: Live Clips & Interview with Andy & Martin
2.    The Tube 1984: A Question of Time & Black Celebration (Live Performance)
3.    (France TV) Sacree Soiree 11/12/89: Personal Jesus (Performance)
4.    Peter’s Show 1985: Shake the Disease & It’s Called a Heart (Performance)
5.    Top of the Pops 1985: It’s Called a Heart (Performance)
6.    (France TV) Zenith Canal 12/25/85: Shake the Disease & It’s Called a Heart (Performance)
7.    Jimmy’ll Fix It 3/1/86: Profile on Band, interview w/Andy & Alan, Stripped (Perfformance) & Interview with Dave
8.    Tram  Pop Sheet 2/21/86: Interview with Dave and Andy
9.    (France TV) 1986: It’s Called a Heart (Performance)
10.    A La Folie Pas Du Tout 5/16/87: Profile at Recording Studio in Paris for Strangelove & Interview w/Andy, Martin, Dave & Strangelove (Performance)
11.    Grand Public 2/6/87: A Question of Time (Performance)
12.    Top of the Pops 1984: People are People (Performance)
13.    Nulle Paf Ailleurs 9/14/87: Never Let Me Down Again (Performance)
14.    C’est Encore Miex L’apres MIDI 11/31/86: A Question of Time (Performance)
15.    C’est Encore Miex L’apres MIDI 10/31/86:  Black Celebration (Performance)
16.    L’ecno Dies  Dannes 1982: New Life (Performance)
17.    Panique Sur Le 16 11/3/87: Never Let Me Down Again (Performance)
18.    The Terry Wogan Show 1986: Stripped (Performance)
19.    The Terry Wogan Show 1987: Strangelove (Performance)
20.    The Terry Wogan Show 1987: Stripped (Performance)
21.    Top of the Pops 1987: Behind the Wheel (Performance)
22.    The Roxy 1987: Behind the Wheel  (Performance)
23.    The Tube December 1982: See You, Tora! Tora! Tora! & Leave in Silence (Live Performance)
24.    First TV Perfomance 8/81: Profile Early Days with Vince Clarke, Interview & See You (Performance with Vince Clarke)
25.    The Hit Studio 1989: Personal Jesus (Performance) Live Via Satellite London, England


1.    Walking in My Shoes (Version 2 w/Nudity) 1993 (Music Video)–(No Titles)
2.    Meaning of Love (1982) (Music Video)-(No Titles)
3.    Get The Balance Right (1983) (Music Video)-(No Titles)
4.    But Not Tonight (1986) (Music Video)-(No Titles)
5.    Authentic MTV 1985 9/09/97: Interview Clip w/Dave & Martin
6.    Home 11/21/97 (Music Video w/Slate)
7.    Useless  1997 (Music Video)
8.    Only When I Lose Myself (DCP Version) 8/11/98 (Music Video w/Slate)
9.    EPK – A Short Film (Titled Version w/Slate) 4/8/98
10.    Everything Counts 1988 (Music Video w/Slate) (Original Edit Version 1)
11.    Late Show w/David Letterman 11/98 – In Your Room (Live)
12.    MTV 120 Minutes 11/98: Interview w/Dave, Martin & Andrew, Only When I Lose Myself (Music Video), Interview, Enjoy the Silence (Music Video), Interview, Just Can’t Get Enough (Music Video)
13.    CNN Headline News 1/01/99: Interview w/Dave, Martin & Andrew on 80’s Music and DM Tribute CD
14.    Where are they Now? 8/24/99: Profile w/New Interview Segments
15.    Gap Commercial “Everyone in Leather” 9/99: “Just Can’t Get Enough”
16.    The Late Show w/David Letterman 6/26/01: Opening, Various Teasers of Upcoming Performance by DM, Dream On (LIVE) & Quick Interview w/DM (7:14)
17.    MTV 20 “Live and Almost Legal” 8/1/01:  A 20 Year Anniversary of the History of MTV.  Opening,  Personal Jesus (LIVE), Exciter Tour (7/1/01)  in Philadelphia, Pa (2:50)
18.    The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 8/2001: Local NYC News Mention of Tonight Show Lineup, Tonigh Show Opening, Two Mentions of Performance by Jay Leno, I Feel Loved (LIVE) & Closing Segment w/DM (6:33)


1.    VH1 Commercial  11/98: Behind the Music with Depeche Mode “This Sunday” (:30)
2.    VH1 Commercial  11/98: Behind the Music with Depeche Mode “Coming Up Next” (:26)
3.    VH1 Behind the Music with Depeche Mode 11/98: (Complete show with ALL commercials edited out) Features interviews with the entire band (including Vince Clark and Alan Wilder) from 1998. Also features interviews with Howie Klein (President, Reprise Records), Andy Franks (DM’s Tour Manager), Richard Blade (Radio DJ), Michael Pagnotta (DM’s Publicist), Daniel Miller (President, Mute Records), Anton Corbijn (one of DM’s main Music Video Directors and Photographer), Jonathan Kessler (DM’s Band Manager). Many visuals from various TV appearances, many of which are from England and Europe.   (43:28 Minutes)
4.    MTV Germany presents “Depeche Mode Live The Singles Tour 86>98” 9/98: Live performance on location at the Koin Arena in Germany October 1998. Includes the songs: Question of Time, It’s No Good, Never Let Me Down Again, Only When I Lose Myself, Enjoy The Silence, Personal Jesus, Home and I Feel You. (48:03 Minutes)
5.    The 2001 MTV Europe Music Awards 10/2001: DM nominated for ”Best Web Award” segment and “Never Let Me down Again” (LIVE) (9:48)
6.    FREELOVE DVD transfer to video 6/2001: Segments titled Video clips are discribed with the folloiwung names “Rehersal” (Freelove is sampled), “Fans” (Fans meet DM before show and sign autographs), “Black Celebration” (Live Performance Clip) and “Dave” (On the set of the conceptual version of “Freelove” with Dave in New Orleans) (2:45)


DEPECHE MODE Video Archives in GERMANY 1997-2001VOLUME IX

1.    (Germany TV)  VIVA 2 Geschmacksache (“A Matter of Taste”) 1997: Dave, Martin & Andrew plays their favorite music videos of their personal influences. Before each video, DM discuss why they chose these specific artists and personal related stories as well. The music videos that DM air on this special include “20th Century Boy” by T. Rex, “Ziggy Stardust” (Live in 1978) (RARE) by David Bowie, “London Calling” by The Clash, “Imagine” (Live 1971 (RARE) by John Lennon, “Sweet Jane” (Live 1993) by The Velvet Underground, “Crosstown Traffic” by Jimi Hendrix (1968), “Tour De France” by Kraftwerk (RARE), “Big Powder Dust” by Bomb The Bass, “In Your Room” by Depeche Mode, “Heart Shaped Box” by Nirvana, “Waiting’ on a Friend” by Rolling Stones, (50:23)
2.    (Germany TV) RTL Samstag Nacht 1997: “It’s No Good” (LIVE) (3:42)
3.    RTBF (Belgium) 9/98: In-depth Interview and profile with DM (Dave. Martin and Andrew) in their hotel room in Belgium whilst on tour for “86>98”. Included is vintage interview footage of Andrew from 1993. Interview with Anton Corbijn. Visuals of the recording sessions for “Only When I Lose Myself”. Interview with Robert Smith of The Cure regarding DM Tribute Album. Also included are many scenes from various DM music videos (43:40)
4.    (UK TV) Electropop Top 10 1999: BBC’s UK Channel 4 Top Ten TV Series 2001: This weekly series lists an imaginary top 10 artists from different musical genres. This episode, hosted by Marc Almond of Soft Cell is a Top 10 of “Electropop”. DM comes in at #2 with an in-depth profile of the band introduced by Marc Almond. Includes extremely rare footage of DM in 1981 via old UK TV news profiles and live footage from 1981. (7:25)
5.    MTV Germany News April 2001: Interview with Dave, Andrew and Martin on Exciter’s release and scenes from “Dream On” (Music Video) (1:29)
6.    SAT 1 Blitz May 2001: “101 Stunde Party”, segment on a DM Party that lasted for 101 hours in Germany. Dave comments on fans loyalty and interview with die hard German fans Kathrin & Lars. Visuals of the DM party, amazing dedicated fans (5:02)
7.    SAT 1 17:30 Nachrichten May 2001: Profile on DM’s Exciter, Interview with Martin, Dave and mega fan Dirk Schare and visual of his DM collection (2:32)
8.    Top of the Pops 05/05/01: “Dream On” (LIVE Vocals over playback) (2:36)
9.    SAT 1 Blitz 04/14/01: “DM Sind Zurück” DM attend press conference in Germany. Interview with Dave (:35)
10.    MTV Germany Music News May 2001: Dave and Martin are interviewed regarding Dream On music video (1:22)



1.    VIVA (DM Day) 04/24/01: In-depth DM interview (Dave, Martin & Andrew) also included are rare video scenes from inside the recording studio while recording “Exciter” (Rare stuff here). Scenes from various music video and “I Feel You” , “Dream On” and Condemnation (Live Version 1) (music videos). Rare footage of DM on a Anton Corbijn photo shoot for “Exciter”. Dave talks to the camera on home video footage from the recording studio, very funny and you can see the lyric sheet for a song that never made the final cut of “Exciter” called “Born A Lover”. Footage of Press Conference in Hamburg (3/13/01). Rare footage of “New Life” and “See You” as performed on Top of the Pops in 1981 and 1982, Gap Commercial, Jeopardy Game Show with DM question and Tonight Show appearance ‘97. German Interview with DM from 1997. (45:26)
2.    Fast Forward VIVA 2 05/12/01: In-depth / Profile DM interview (Dave, Martin & Andrew), “Barrel of A Gun”, “Dream On”, “Enjoy the Silence”, “It’s Called A Heart” and THE ENTIRE MUSIC VIDEO FOR THE RARELY SEEN “SEE YOU” (Music Video) (46:31)
3.    Reprise Records OFFICIAL Electronic Press Kit for DM’s Exciter:  “Depeche Mode’s conversation with Gary Crowley” 3/18/2001: (Directed by Richard Bell). This is a highly stylized in-depth interview with the band regarding the new album. Included are some rare home video scenes from the recording sessions of Exciter and behind the scenes footage of a photo shoot with Anton Corbijn. Also included are scenes from the making of “Dream On” (19:22)


1.    Depeche Mode Press Conference in Hamburg, Germany 03/13/01: This is the entire press conference with DM and Jonathan Kessler, as seen and heard by the German Press. This is the RAW footage of that conference. EXTREMELY RARE (36:57)
2.    Pro7 Taff May 2001: DM on Exciter’s release. Interview with Martin, Dave DM playing a game of foozball (funny Stuff) (3:03)
3.    (UK TV) Freshly Pressed 6/2001: DM interview with Dave, Martin and Andrew on new single “Dream On” (2:09)
4.    (UK TV) CD:UR 6/2001: “Dream On” (LIVE) (3:04)
5.    MTV Germany “MTV Masters” 6/2001: (shot in March of 2001 and aired in June) EXCLUSIVE and In-depth profile and interview with the entire band (from 1997, 1998 & 2001) as well as Anton Corbijn. One of the best European documentaries of DM since the release of Exciter. 50 Mins.
6.    MTV Europe “Making of the Video” 6/2001: Behind the scenes of the making of “I Feel Loved” music video. Interview with Dave, John Hillcoat (Video Director), explains the theme behind the video along with visuals of the story boards for the production. Interviews with Andrew and Martin as they shoot a performance in New Orleans at The Opium Den for the video on April 27, 2001. Then the complete music video for “I Feel Loved” in it’s entirety (21:24)


DEPECHE MODE Video Archives 1988-2003 VOLUME XII

1.    FRANCE TV RTBF (TV5) France 1988: DM In-Depth interview and segments from the following conceptual music videos Strangelove, Meaning of Love, Question of Lust, Blasphemous Rumours, Somebody. Never Let Me Down Again, Question of Time. Alan Wilder discusses using the keyboard “Emulator II” both in the studio and live in concert and Dave and Alan visit a car museum (30 mins.)
2.    Czech Republic “TV Nova” 10/98: DM meet & greet before the Prague concert (home video footage), 3 live songs performed in Prague, Czech Republic, Question of Time, World In My Eyes and Policy of Trutrh and DM’s arrival at Prague airport. 25 min
3.    VH1 Classic “Flash Back Segment 5/29/03: Interview with Dave & Alan from 1987 discussing the fans
4.    VH1 Classic 7/15/03: Report on solo projects from Dave and Mart and discussion about next LP of DM


DEPECHE MODE Video Archives 2003-2009 VOLUME XIII

1. MTV 2 “Subterranean with Dave Gahan” 08/01/03: Historical first interview with Dave as a solo artist in the USA. Dave is interviewed in short segments though out the hour long program. This is a professionally edited compilation of only Dave’s In-depth interview segments and music video for “Dirty Sticky Floors” 11:20
2. ABC Jimmy Kimmel Live 08/21/03: Opening, three teasers (one including Dave Gahan), the Dave and band perform “Dirty Sticky Floors” and Personal Jesus Live
3. VH1 Classic Hangin’ With Depeche Mode 11/06/05: In-depth interview with Dave Martin and Fletch discuss creating the new CD Playing The Angel. Includes music videos for People Are People, Precious, Personal Jesus, World In My Eyes, Halo, The Meaning Of Love
4. VH1 Classic’s 25th Year Celebration of MTV 08/01/06: Martin and Fletch are interviewed regarding there opinion on there early music videos.
5. VH1’s Top 100 Songs of The 80’s 10/2006: Just Can’t Get Enough at #66. Includes profile of DM and interviews with Martin Fry of ABC and Thomas Dolby
6. UKTV BBC’s Later with Jools Holland 04/28/09: Opening Wrong, Come Back and Walking In My Shoes LIVE
7. MTV 2 “Subterranean with Depeche Mode” 06/08/09: Interview with Martin, then video for Wrong along later with interviews with Andrew and finally Dave. Also included are music videos for Halo
8. MTV Europe Music Awards 11/01/07: Live from Munich Germany Dave Gahan is interviewed, funny.


1.    DEPECHE MODE EXCITER TOUR Live at “The Staples Center” In Los Angeles California, August 18, 2001: Songs include
1. “Easy Tiger”/”Dream On” (Intro), 2. “The Dead of Night”, 3. “The Sweetest Condition”, 4. “Halo”, 5. “Walking in My Shoes”, 6. “Dream On”, 7. “When the Body Speaks”, 8. “Waiting for the Night”, 9. “Sister of Night”, 10. “Breathe”, 11. “Freelove”, 12. “Enjoy the Silence”, 13. “I Feel You”, 14. “In Your Room”, 15. “It’s No Good”, 16. “I Feel Loved”, 17. “Personal Jesus”


18. “Home”, 19. “Condemnation”, 20. “Black Celebration”, 21. Never Let Me Down Again


DEPECHE MODE  1985-2001                    VOLUME XV

1. Live in Brest France at The Guehenno Rockscene Festival 07/13/85:

Set List: If You Want, People Are People, Leave IN Silence, Shake The Disease, Blasphemous Rumours, Told You So, Master and Servant and Everything Counts

2. MTV Germany presents “Depeche Mode Live The Singles Tour 86>98” 9/98: Live performance on location at the Koin Arena in Germany October 1998.:

Set List: A Question of Time, Only When I Lose Myself, It’s No Good, Never Let Me Down Again, Enjoy The Silence and Personal Jesus

3. FRANCE TV 1993: I Feel You (Performance)

4. (UK TV) CD:UK 04/07/01: Dream On Live in Carlton England

5. (UK TV) Top of The Pops 2001: Dream On (Live Performance)

6. The 2001 MTV Europe Music Awards 10/2001: DM nominated for ”Best Web Award” segment and “Never Let Me down Again” (LIVE) (9:48)

DEPECHE MODE  1981-1986                    VOLUME XVI

1. Nikelodeon “Special Delivery” “Off The Record” Recorded Live In Chichester UK 3rd December 1981. This was the last concert with Vince Clark before he left the band, historic. Set list includes” Photographic, New Life, Puppets, Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead, Tora, Tora, Tora, Just Can’t Get Enough, Boys Say Go and Pretty Boy,

2. Depeche Mode Black Celebration Live At Wembley Arena, London, 17 April 1986.


01. Black Celebration
02. A Question Of Time
03. Fly On The Windscreen
04. Shake The Disease
05. Leave In Silence
06. It’s Called A Heart
07. Everything Counts
08. It Doesn’t Matter Two
09. A Question Of Lust
10. Blasphemous Rumours
11. New Dress
12. Stripped
13. Something To Do
14. Master And Servant
15. Photographic
16. People Are People
17. Boys Say Go!
18. Just Can’t Get Enough
19. More Than A Party

DEPECHE MODE  2005-2006                    VOLUME XVII

1. Depeche Mode “Touring The Angel” World Tour Launch Press Conference 2005: Visuals of DM preparing for press conference getting done with make-up
2. Press Conference for “Playing The Angel” Album release in Dusseldorf, Germany 06/16/05: Audience shot announcing the release of “Playing The Angel”. DM field questions from a international press crew. Interesting and funny
3. Playing The Angel EPK (Electronic Promotional/Press Kit) 2005: Behind the scenes of the recording of the album. Also included is an in-depth exclusive interview with DM, Ben Hiller and Daniel Miller. Back stage at the making of the music video for Precious on June 29th. Also included  is an interview with the video’s Director Uwe Flade. Later behind the scenes of a photo shoot with Anton Corbijn who is also interviewed for this EPK.
4. FRANCE TV Tour Commercial 09/24/06: Precious (Music Video)
5. FRANCE TV “Hit” 2005: Precious (Performance)
6. Italy TV Rai Due 11/09/05: Precious (Performance)
7. UK TV CD:UK 11/09/05: Precious (Performance)
8. UK TV Top Of The Pops 11/09/05: Precious (Performance) This is the Premiere of the song in Europe via TV performance
9. Germany TV RTL’s Germany’s Top Of The Pops 10/01/05: Precious (Performance)
10. Germany TV RTL’s Germany’s Top Of The Pops EXCLUSIVE 2006: A Pain That I’m Used To (Performance)
11. CNN 2006: Interview/Profile of DM. Behind The scenes of a photo shoot with DM and exclusive interview with CNN
12. “In The Studio” with Depeche Mode for “Playing The Angel” 2005: Documentary short
13. “Photo Shoot” with Depeche Mode 2005: Behind The scenes for the album artwork with long time collaborator Anton Corbijn
14. Clean ’05 (Bare / Acoustic Version 2)
15. Waiting For The Night ’05 (Bare / Acoustic Version 2)
16. Surrender ’05 (Bare / Acoustic Version)
17. Lilian (Digital Tribute Presentation) Still Montage
18. UK TV The Big One’s 2006: Interview with DM. Individual interview with each Dave, Martin and Andrew. Interesting interview asking questions like their favorite foods, biggest celebrities they have ever met, marriages, Top three Beauty tips,
19. Precious Music Video “Before and After Creation” 2005: A side by side comparison of the music video with and without CGI effects (Pre and Post Production Double Screen).


DEPECHE MODE Video Archives 2012-2015 VOLUME XVIII

1. Soulsavers 07/21/12: Rich Machin and Ian Glover comprise this English Production and remix team with David Gahan. This profile/live performance documentary short includes interview with David Gahan and live performance from The Capital Records Studios in Los Angeles, California. This was a small industry event. In attendance were Daniel Miller, Rich Machin, Ian Glover, Martyn Lenoble…songs include “Take Me Back Home” and “Tonight” amongst others from the LP “The Light the Dead See”
2. The Late Show with David Lettermen 3/11/13: Opening, teaser “coming up” and finally a live performance of Heaven (Live) first time on US Television
3. Jimmy Kimmel Live 04/25/13: Opening, mention of Depeche Mode later in the show. Introduction of DM and live performance of “Soothe My Soul”
4. Giorgio Armani December 2014: “Gio” Commercial with “Personal Jesus” music
5. GUCCI “Guilty” Commercial 08/2010: Frank Miller has directed a TV commercial for the new Gucci fragrance, “Gucci Guilty”. The commercial stars Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans and features music by Friendly Fires performing a cover of Depeche Mode’s “Strangelove”. The ad looks, unsurprisingly, like Miller’s The Spirit and in the style of Sin City. Personally, I prefer a Gucci ad from a couple years back that starred James Franco. You can check out both ads after the jump.
6. Weissler interviews Martin Gore (Raw Footage) 02/22/13: Regarding the release of his solo album Counterfeit 2 – 2003.
7. SXSW Festival 2013 03/25/13: Band members Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher discuss the past, present and future of Depeche Mode.
8. UK TV Jonathan Ross Show 03/30/13: Funny interview with Dave, Martin and Fletch and performance of Heaven
9. Interview in Los Angeles (Raw Footage) 04/26/13: In-Depth with Dave Gahan
10. VH1 UK The Big Ones 07/24/13: Funny interview with the band being interviewed individually
11. Swedish TV PSL 12/9/13: In-depth interview with Dave during the Swedish Part of the world tour

DEPECHE MODE / Soulsavers Video Archives 2015 VOLUME XIX

1. Swedish TV PSL 12/9/13: In-depth interview with Dave during the Swedish Part of the world tour
2. Wall Street Journal 10/14/15: In-depth interview with Dave regarding Soul savers
3. Yahoo Music Exclusive Interview with Dave Gahan 10/18/15: In-depth interview
4. Live Nation Concert: Dave Gahan and Soulsavers Los Angeles Live at The Theatre at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, CA USA 10/19/15: Full HD Show, Dave presenting his new album Angels and Ghosts at The Theatre Ace Hotel, a delicious concert with a final two songs of Depeche Mode, Martin Gore was in the audience to support his brother Dave lifetime. Congratulations Dave, is an album to listen and enjoy forever. SETLIST: Intro Dal mare – Ennio Morricone, In the morning – 3:03, Shine – 6:30, You owe me – 10:14, Tempted – 14:56, Tonight – 19:20, All of this and nothing – 23:07, Presence of God – 28:19, Just try – 32:28, Don’t cry, The last time – 37:01, Take me back home – 47:08, My Sun – 51:16, Kingdom – 58:00, Dirty Sticky floors – 1:02:40, Condemnation – 1:07:32, Walking in my shoes – 1:13:20

DEPECHE MODE / Soulsavers Video Archives 2015 VOLUME XX

1. Dave Gahan & Soulsavers Live at Tempodrom Berlin 10/30/15: Full Show Setlist: In The Morning, Shine, You Owe Me, Tempted, Tonight, All Of This & Nothing, Presence Of God, Just Try, Don’t Cry, The Last Time, Take Me Back Home, My Sun, Encore: Kingdom, Dirty Sticky Floors, Condemnation and Walking in My Shoes 1:18:51
2. Depeche Mode Global Spirit Tour Commercial RARE
3. Late Late Show with James Corden 04/24/17: Introduction, teaser of band back stage. then DM come on to perform Where’s The Revolution” LIVE
4. Jimmy Kimmel Live! 10/04/17: Opening, DM Teaser/mention of the band later f the show. Visual of album cover. DM close the show with the new single “Cover Me”


1. The Tonight Show with Mommy Fallon 03/01/17: Where’s The revolution LIVE)
2. NY Times Interview with DM at New York University 03/08/17:In depth interview with ll members of the band. In this candid discussion like no other. One of the most influential and best–selling musical acts of all time, Depeche Mode have sold over 100 million records and played live to more than 30 million fans worldwide. Join Martin Gore, Dave Gahan and Andy Fletcher in conversation with Jon Pareles, the chief popular–music critic in the arts section of The New York Times as the trio discuss their thirty six year journey together, the ups and downs of being in one of Britain’s most beloved bands, and their upcoming album “Spirit,“ released on March 17th on Columbia Records. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear iconic, multi–platinum selling musical pioneers discuss the timely topic of humanity and how their latest album speaks to their place in the world. 1 Hour 10 Minutes


Depeche Mode – Perform Live at Funkhaus in Berlin, Germany 17th March 2017

Spirit promotional concert Full Concert


1. Going backwards
2. So much love (+ No tears for the creatures of the night – Tuxedomoon)
3. Corrupt
4. A pain that I’m used to (Lu Cont remix)
5. World in my eyes (new intro)
6. Cover me
7. Little soul (Martin Gore)
8. Where’s the revolution
9. Barrel of a gun
10. Walking in my shoes (intro and out from Random Carpet mix)
11. Personal Jesus


1. Wall Street Journal 03/13/17: Dave Gahan, lead singer of the electro-pop trio Depeche Mode, talks to WSJ’s Lee Hawkins about America’s new political climate and the band’s new album, “Spirit.” The trio’s world tour kicks off in May.

2. Depeche Mode – Perform Live at Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow, Scotland 26th of March 2017 for the BBC 6 Music Festival

Spirit promotional concert Full Concert

1. Going Backwards
2. So Much Love
3. Corrupt
4. A Pain That I’m Used To
5. World In My Eyes
6. Cover Me
7. Home
8. Where’s The Revolution
9. Barrel Of A Gun
0. Walking In My Shoes
11. Personal Jesus
12. Enjoy The Silence


Live at The Otkritie Arena in Moscow, Russia 15th of July 2017

This widescreen full length concert is a single camera from side of stage. Having said that the single camera also has access to the large viewing screens that the audience viewed that ARE multi camera coverage. This concert is a fusion of BOTH single camera coverage along with portions showing the viewing screens that the fans in the back of the arena were able to see. Nice mix of both in this extremely rare concert all the way from Russia.

Going Backwards
So Much Love
Barrel of a Gun
A Pain That I’m Used To (Jacques Lu Cont’s Remix version)
In Your Room
World in My Eyes
Cover Me
A Question of Lust
Poison Heart
Where’s the Revolution
Everything Counts
Enjoy the Silence
Never Let Me Down Again
Walking in My Shoes
“Heroes” (David Bowie cover)
I Feel You
Personal Jesus


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