DEPECHE MODE / Soulsavers Video Archives 2012-2014 VOLUME XVIII


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1. Soulsavers 07/21/12: Rich Machin and Ian Glover comprise this English Production and remix team with David Gahan. This profile/live performance documentary short includes interview with David Gahan and live performance from The Capital Records Studios in Los Angeles, California. This was a small industry event. In attendance were Daniel Miller, Rich Machin, Ian Glover, Martyn Lenoble…songs include “Take Me Back Home” and “Tonight” amongst others from the LP “The Light the Dead See”

2. The Late Show wit David Lettermen 3/11/13: Opening, teaser “coming up” and finally a live performance of Heaven (Live) first time on US Television

3. Jimmy Kimmel Live 04/25/13: Opening, mention of Depeche Mode later in the show. Introduction of DM and live performance of “Soothe My Soul”

4. Giorgio Armani December 2014: “Gio” Commercial with “Personal Jesus” music

5. GUCCI “Guilty” Commercial 08/2010: Frank Miller has directed a TV commercial for the new Gucci fragrance, “Gucci Guilty”.  The commercial stars Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans and features music by Friendly Fires performing a cover of Depeche Mode’s “Strangelove”. The ad looks, unsurprisingly, like Miller’s The Spirit and in the style of Sin City.  Personally, I prefer a Gucci ad from a couple years back that starred James Franco.  You can check out both ads after the jump.

6. Weissler interviews Martin Gore (Raw Footage) 02/22/13: Regarding the release of his solo album Counterfeit 2 – 2003.

7. SXSW Festival 2013 03/25/13: Band members Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher discuss the past, present and future of Depeche Mode.

8. UK TV Jonathan Ross Show 03/30/13: Funny interview with Dave, Martin and Fletch and performance of Heaven

9. Interview in Los Angeles (Raw Footage) 04/26/13: In-Depth with Dave Gahan

10. VH1 UK The Big Ones 07/24/13: Funny interview with the band being interviewed individually

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