DEPECHE MODE Video Archives 1982-1993 VOLUME I


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1. (UKTV) Rockline from London 1982 Monument (Performance)
2. The 1987 Montreux Golden Rose rock Festival 1987: Strangelove
3. MTV Music News 12/9, 11 & 8/87: Interview w/Dave & Alan w/Profile of Band
4. MTV Music News 6/02 & 18/88: Interview w/Dave During Press Conference & DM to Play Rose Bowl Gig
5. MTV Music News 6/18/88: DM Performance at Rose Bowl, Live Footage & Interview w/Martin, O.M.D & Thomas Dolby
6. Depeche Mode: “Strange” 1987: Strange is a Black & White Movie About and with Depeche Mode Based on Love or Life or Lust or Maybe Nothing in Particular, and was Filmed in France, U.S.A, Spain, U.K., Denmark &Italy. It Features…Question of Time, Strangelove, Never Let Me Down Again, Behind the Wheel & Pimpf
7. Strangelove ’88 (Music Video)
8. Behind the Wheel (‘7 Version)
9. MTV’s Post Modern 12/88: Interview w/Dave & Alan Discuss How They Sample Sounds for Their Music (101 Promotional Period)
10. MTV Music News 12/17/88: Interview w/Dave & Alan Discuss Concept Behind ‘101’ Film, Scenes from ‘101’
11. MTV Music News 12/19/88: Interview w/Dave & Alan Discuss Comparisons of ‘101’ to U2’s “Rattle & Hum”
12. MTV Music News 12/2/88: Interview w/Dave & Alan Discuss why 1988 was the Year for Depeche Mode in the USA
13. Everything Counts (Live) 4/24/89: (Music Video)
14. MTV Music News 5/6/89: ‘101’ Film Premiere in New York City Interview w/Martin (6/18/88), Alan 5/89 & D.A. Pennebaker (Director of ‘101’) at Premiere Also Interview w/ dave 5/89
15. MTV Music News 7/23/89: Martin Gore to Release Solo Project ‘Counterfeit’
16. MTV Now Hear This 9/25/89: News of new music Video Personal Jesus (Clip)
17. MTV Post Modern 11/14/89: News of Depeche Mode & Everything Counts (Live) Music Video *Full Version*
18. MTV Post Modern 11/14/89: Premiere of Personal Jesus (Music Video)
19. MTV Now Hear This 1/08/90: New Releases of 1990 Including DM’s Violator LP
20. The 1988 MTV Video Music Awards 9/7/88: Strangelove (Performance)
21. Sire Records Commercial 1/90: Violator Disc from Depeche Mode, Scenes from Personal Jesus
22. MTV Music News 3/20/90:DM Mobbed at Record Signing in Los Angeles, Interview w/Alan & Andrew & Footage of Fans Outside on Line
23. MTV 120 Minutes 3/26/90: In Depth in Studio Interview w/Dave & Martin & Enjoy the Silence (Music Video)
24. MTV Post Modern 3/27/90: Martin & Dave Introduce Enjoy the Silence (Music Video) & Interview w/ Dave & Martin Discussing New Sound of Violator Versus Music for the Masses
25. MTV Post Modern 6/15/90: Discuss the Making of Music Videos like Personal Jesus & Enjoy the Silence
26. MTV The Week ib rock 6/23/90: Violation Tour Hits the U.S.A. Interview w/ Andrew & Dave w/Live Footage From Violation Tour, Interview w/Martin
27. Policy of Truth 7/90: Music Video
28. MTV 1990 Music Video Awards Spotlight Show 8/29/90: Fans Respond on Who’s the Sexiest in Music, Lots of Dave Fans
29. MTV Sex in the 90’s 9/12/90: Interview w/Dave & Martin
30. MTV Music News 1/27/93: New Disc Songs of Faith and Devotion, Interview w/Dave & Alan, Behind the Scenes of Photo Shoot w/Anton Corbin
31. I Feel You 2/93: Music Video
32. MTV Music News 3/23/93: Interview w/Dave & Alan Discuss “I Feel You” as First Single on Location at Photo Shoot w/Corbin
33. MTV Music News 4/26/93: Diesel Christ cover “I Feel You” Sample of Song
34. MTV’s Faith and Devotion Contest Commercial 6/16/93: Commercial Includes Exclusive Footage of DM
35. Sire Records Promotional Commercial 7/93: Faith and Devotion Tour Advertisement 9/23/93

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