DEPECHE MODE Video Archives 2005-2006 VOLUME XVII


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1. Depeche Mode “Touring The Angel” World Tour Launch Press Conference 2005: Visuals of DM preparing for press conference getting done with make-up
2. Press Conference for “Playing The Angel” Album release in Dusseldorf, Germany 06/16/05: Audience shot announcing the release of “Playing The Angel”. DM field questions from a international press crew. Interesting and funny
3. Playing The Angel EPK (Electronic Promotional/Press Kit) 2005: Behind the scenes of the recording of the album. Also included is an in-depth exclusive interview with DM, Ben Hiller and Daniel Miller. Back stage at the making of the music video for Precious on June 29th. Also included  is an interview with the video’s Director Uwe Flade. Later behind the scenes of a photo shoot with Anton Corbijn who is also interviewed for this EPK.
4. FRANCE TV Tour Commercial 09/24/06: Precious (Music Video)
5. FRANCE TV “Hit” 2005: Precious (Performance)
6. Italy TV Rai Due 11/09/05: Precious (Performance)
7. UK TV CD:UK 11/09/05: Precious (Performance)
8. UK TV Top Of The Pops 11/09/05: Precious (Performance) This is the Premiere of the song in Europe via TV performance
9. Germany TV RTL’s Germany’s Top Of The Pops 10/01/05: Precious (Performance)
10. Germany TV RTL’s Germany’s Top Of The Pops EXCLUSIVE 2006: A Pain That I’m Used To (Performance)
11. CNN 2006: Interview/Profile of DM. Behind The scenes of a photo shoot with DM and exclusive interview with CNN
12. “In The Studio” with Depeche Mode for “Playing The Angel” 2005: Documentary short
13. “Photo Shoot” with Depeche Mode 2005: Behind The scenes for the album artwork with long time collaborator Anton Corbijn
14. Clean ’05 (Bare / Acoustic Version 2)
15. Waiting For The Night ’05 (Bare / Acoustic Version 2)
16. Surrender ’05 (Bare / Acoustic Version)
17. Lilian (Digital Tribute Presentation) Still Montage
18. UK TV The Big One’s 2006: Interview with DM. Individual interview with each Dave, Martin and Andrew. Interesting interview asking questions like their favorite foods, biggest celebrities they have ever met, marriages, Top three Beauty tips,
19. Precious Music Video “Before and After Creation” 2005: A side by side comparison of the music video with and without CGI effects (Pre and Post Production Double Screen).

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