Diana Ross The Video Archives 2020 Volume III (Diana Ross: The Story of Her Songs Documentary)


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  1. Diana Ross: The Story of Her Songs 12/20/20: Diana Ross Wasn’t Sure If She’d Be A Star this documentary reveals the reason why. Known for their style, elegance and stellar performances, Diana Ross & The Supremes captivated mainstream America and conquered worldwide charts — and turned out to be Motown’s most commercially successful act to date.This documentary celebrates three tracks that helped propel the disco queen to the top. Included: the 1964’s classic hit “Baby Love”; “Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You’re Going To)”; and the 1980’s collaboration with The Bee Gees “Chain Reaction.” The group, known for their 1964 bop “Baby Love,” was massively successful and went on to win three Grammy Awards, in addition to paving the way for musical ensembles to come. However, after a phenomenal decade, it was time for Ross to dazzle as a solo artist. Ross continued to make more and more hits, including “Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You’re Going To),” in addition to gracing the big screen in Mahogany. In the 1980s, Ross continued to shine. This time, she teamed up with pop stars The Bee Gees to release “Chain Reaction,” which topped the charts. A celebration of the three tracks that showcase the rise of pop, disco and soul sensation Diana Ross. Legendary Motown song writers and session musicians music video directors, choreographer, Rangers and film composers also are interviewed

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