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Air Date November 25, 2021: Filmed between January 2019 and March 2020, the Christopher Frierson-directed documentary was finished before the “How’s It Goin’ Down” rapper tragically passed away in April 2021, but Frierson says the film is hopeful, even in the context of his death.

“We live in the tragedy of his passing, but at the end, I believe this to be a hopeful film because any of those things—the child abuse as a very young child, incarceration as a very young child, crack and drugs as a very young child, poverty, then as an adult being sort of victimized by the industry—could have led to self-destruction way before the monumental success,” Frierson told Complex in a recent interview. “Instead of everything that he did achieve in his life and everything that he means to everybody. Despite the fact that he passed away, I think that everything I just listed [shows] people that there is hope. It’s weird because he’s gone, but there’s hope.”

Fan reactions have poured in all over social media. Across the board, it’s clear the documentary was emotional for DMX fans, and for hip hop fans in general. With references to his overwhelmingly difficult upbringing, and a focus on his struggle with drugs, the HBO documentary is heavy, and gets into the “real-life” parts of DMX’s real life.

Directed by Christopher Frierson, focuses on a year in the life of rapper Earl “DMX” Simmons as he is released from prison in early 2019 and attempts to rebuild his career in the music industry and reconnect with family and fans. Unfolding in cinéma vérité style and with unfettered access, the film bears witness to a man searching for reinvention and redemption, striving to stay true to himself while reestablishing his roles as a father, an artist and an icon.

Total Duration: 1 Hour Minutes 23 Minutes in FULL HD

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