Documentary Series Heavy Metal Compilation 2020 Volume IV (Black Sabbath & Ozzy Osbourne)


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1. Black Sabbath Breaking The Band 12/06/20: One of the greatest rock bands on the planet the so called fathers of heavy metal came from very humble origins to become among the most successful – and outrageous – of rock stars. Their hedonism was legendary, as was their volatility. Black Sabbath: Breaking the Band will follow their journey from their early beginnings to sell-out tours and chart-topping success, to their eventual break up. Combining high-end stylized drama reconstruction, extensive archive and revealing interviews, we’ll chart the turbulent history of a band who battled with egos, Satanists, crippling drug and alcohol addictions and music business mobsters who robbed them of everything they had.”

Combining rare behind-the-scene footage and stylized dramatic reconstructions for moments the cameras missed, extensive archive and revealing interviews see the turbulent history of a band that battled with egos, personal demons and music business mobsters who almost robbed them of everything they had. Sharing their personal stories of the band are former road managers Geoff Lucas and Graham Wright, and Ozzy’s former personal assistant David Tangye, along with insight from band biographer Steven Rosen and music journalist Sylvie Simmons. Sabbath finished its ‘The End’ tour in 2017 in Birmingham, closing out the quartet’s ground-breaking 49-year career. ‘The End’ was Sabbath’s last tour because Iommi, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and is currently in remission, can no longer travel for extended amounts of time.

2. Rock Legends Black Sabbath 01/26/15: Birmingham in the late 1960s was an industrial city, packed with music groups. At its height, the New Musical Express had reported 500 on its bustling circuit and from two of these groups, Black Sabbath was formed. The Beatles would be a key influence for Ozzy, but bassist Geezer Butler also shaped Ozzy’s work, through his lyrics. After signing to Vertigo Records in 1970, the four piece band used their distinctive sound to full effect for their self-titled debut album, Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath became a commercial success, entering the UK top 10 and the US charts. In its first year it sold one million copies. Keen to build on the success, the band entered the studio just four months after releasing their debut. The title track, Paranoid, would lead the new album. Featuring archive material, music videos “Paranoid”, “Evil Woman” and, exclusive insights from music critics and journalists John Aizlewood, Danielle Perry, Will Hodgkinson and Camilla Pia.



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