Documentary Series Heavy Metal Compilation 2021 Volume V (Black Sabbath & Ozzy Osbourne)


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1. Ozzy Osbourne: Black Sabbath Frontman 12/04/21: Goes back to the 73-year-old Brit’s roots to discover how childhood trauma led to substance abuse and the unrelenting desire to “out crazy” the rest. Neuropsychologist Dr. Judy Ho examines Ozzy’s development as a person and artist, including his stint in a mental hospital. “For most of his life, Ozzy was – up until this point – upping the antics, appearing crazy as his performance persona,” explains Ho, touching on the moment the rocker seemed to realize he had “crossed the line where there could be something really wrong with him that he needed treatment for.” The explosive documentary features interviews with several of Ozzy’s friends, many of whom speaking about the performer for the first time. It also charts his life from his poverty-stricken upbringing in Birmingham, England, through his rise to the top as the lead singer of heavy metal rock band Black Sabbath, and his eventual dismissal after alcohol and drug addiction overwhelmed him.  I reached a point in my life where, at the end of the day, I wasn’t enjoying it,” says Ozzy in a 2010 interview clip used in the biopic. “I wasn’t getting any pleasure out of it. It was just, I was doing it ’cause I had to do it rather than I wanted to do it, you know?” The series also chronicles how his future wife, Sharon both saved him from ruin and harnessed his wild side to help him become one of the world’s most successful entertainers in fields beyond music.


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