Documentary Series Heavy Metal Compilation 2021 Volume VII METALLICA “The Story of The Songs” and “Breaking The Band”


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1. Metallica: The Story of The Songs 12/06/20: It is described as a look at the making of METALLICA hits “One”, “Enter Sandman” and “St. Anger”, three of the tracks that helped turn the band from underground thrash metal pioneers to indisputable conquerors of the heavy metal world.

METALLICA is the most popular metal act in history with eight Grammy Awards and $1.4 billion in live ticket sales, but what was the inspiration behind their three career-defining songs? Starting with their 1989 breakthrough anti-war anthem “One”, hear from engineer Michael Barbiero who provides unique insights into the recording process, the controversy and self-sabotage that almost derailed the recording. METALLICA would later release the gruesome and chilling “Enter Sandman” that skyrocketed them to global commercial success and a bigger mainstream audience. Viewers will also see the band’s bickering and infighting as told by Mike Tacci who was sound engineer on the frontlines, while METALLICA music video director Wayne Isham lifts the lid on filming the nightmarish video for “Enter Sandman”.

With the band at breaking point after a slew of critically panned records and with frontman James Hetfield battling crippling addiction and personal demons, their next album proves to be their toughest challenge yet. Title track “St. Anger” sees METALLICA risk their commercial credibility releasing their most experimental and raw-sounding record to date. We hear from longtime METALLICA sound engineer Mike Gillies who witnessed the aggression and implosion of a band teetering on the brink of collapse and recalls the unique recording process that led to this huge hit. Relive METALLICA’s wild ride and the three songs that saw them become the biggest heavy metal band on the planet.

2. Metallica: Breaking The Band 08/29/21: One of the highest-selling heavy metal bands in history with five consecutive chart-topping albums along with 1,600 shows and nearly $1.5 billion in gross sales. Their 1991 16-times-certified-platinum album “Metallica”, better known as “The Black Album”, changed the course of heavy metal and plunged the young quartet to megastardom. But their massive musical success came with destructive excess and intra-band rivalries led to mayhem, with extreme personalities battling for the spotlight. As the young band ascended to its lofty status, tragedy struck when bassist Cliff Burton died after the band’s motorhome crashed. The death would reverberate through METALLICA for years and it would take hundreds of thousands of dollars in therapy to get the band back on track. Sharing their first-hand experiences working with the band are their former manager Jon Zazula and studio producer Flemming Rasmussen.

“Metallica: Breaking The Band” reveals the inside story of the trials and tribulations of one of the biggest, baddest metal bands on earth. With a combined fortune of 900 million dollars and a band life spanning four decades, Metallica is one of the biggest selling heavy metal bands in history. Their 1991 sixteen-times certified album ‘Metallica’, known as ‘The Black Album’ changed the course of heavy metal and plunged the young quartet to megastardom. But, it hasn’t always been an easy road. Struggles with aggression, addiction, jealousy and the death of a much loved band member have plunged the band in and out of darkness for as long as it’s been a unit, and yet Metallica continues to thrive. ‘Breaking the Band: Metallica’ reveals the inside story of the trials and tribulations of one of the biggest, baddest metal bands on earth.

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