DURAN DURAN 6ix by 3hree (1989) (Remastered from Japanese LaserDisc to DVD)


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This 1989 Duran classic was released on VHS only in the UK and exclusivley released on LaserDisc only in Japan. The following music video compilation has NEVER been released on DVD until NOW!

This REMASTERED DVD is sourced directly from the original high quality Japanese ONLY release of the LaserDisc. Quality is unmatched as it transferred from the long since deleted LaserDisc from THIRTY years ago. Naturally the LaserDisc Version captures the absolute BEST Quality of these vintage classic music videos from Duran Duran.

Description: The six videos included here are in chronological order and come from the bands’ album’s “Notorious” (1986) and “Big Thing” (1988). The intent of this release was a similar continuation in theme to the Seven and the Ragged Tiger video EP “Dancing on the Valentine” (MVR also offers this title Remasterd from LaserDisc to DVD), compiling up an album’s worth (or two albums in this case) of music videos and getting them released for the collectors. However, the release of Decade a year later meant that most NOT ALL of the videos on this music video compilation were readily available on one release except for two…..

Some of the music videos that were first scene in this compilation (“Meet El Presidente” and “Do You Believe in Shame?”) were exclusively available only on this very release for many years after 1989…at the time of the release 6ix by 3hree included two videos not available on other compilations – “Meet El Presidente” and “Do You Believe in Shame?” – However, they (as well as the others in this collection) were included as extras on the CD/DVD special releases of Notorious (currently available as a used item for nearly $30.00 on another site) and Big Thing respectively (also currently available as a used item for $62.00 on another site). Both of the CD/DVD “special releases” have been deleted for nearly ten years and are no longer being made.

Take a trip back in time and see how these videos were originally meant to be see by the fans back in 1989 if you were lucky enough to afford a Japanese imported LaserDisc at the time let alone A LaserDisc Player itself…Comes with beautiful customized artwork (seen here) that mimics the theme of the original art work that was made exclusively for the LaserDisc release. Another original offer from your team at MVR! (Music Video Resource)

Track Listing:


“Meet El Presidente”

Skin Trade

I Don’t Want Your Love

All She Wants Is

Do You Believe in Shame?


Total Running Time 29 Minutes

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