Duran Duran As The Lights Go Down August 16th 1984 (Original Full Length Version)

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Duran Duran’s Oakland, California concerts that were filmed for the Arena (An Absurd Notion) movie were also edited to form the one-hour “As The Lights Go Down” concert video recorded August 16th 1984. The name comes from a lyric in the song “Shadows On Your Side” from the Seven and the Ragged Tiger album.

“As The Lights Go Down” is essentially the Arena video with only the music and none of the additional imagery created by Director Russell Mulcahey, although the live footage for many songs was edited differently. A shorter version of this concert was first aired on the Cinemax cable television channel, and later on MTV and other music channels interspersed with commercials. What is offered here is THE VERY FIRST FINAL VERSION of this concert also known as the “North American Version”

The concert was also shown on British television channel ITV, on the 30th December 1984 at 1700 hours. At least two versions exist. The “short version” excludes a few songs. This version is complete. Apart from a double CD and DVD Deluxe edition, this concert was never released on any consumer video media thus far. So if you’re looking for only the DVD from the deluxe edition of “Seven And The ragged Tiger” then you’re at the right place. Below are the track listings.

North American Version

1. Intro: Tiger Tiger
2. Is There Something I Should Know?
3. Hungry Like the Wolf
4. Union of the Snake
5. New Religion
6. Save a Prayer
7. Rio
8. The Seventh Stranger
9. The Chauffeur
10. Planet Earth
11. Careless Memories
12. Girls On Film

Seven And The Ragged Tiger Music Videos

13. Is There Something I Should Know?
14. Union Of The Snake
15. New Moon On Monday (EP Version)
16. The Reflex
17. New Moon On Monday (Movie Version)

TV Performances 1983-1984

18. Is There Something I Should Know? [March 23, 1983] (“Top Of The Pops” TV Performance)
19. The Reflex [April 26, 1984] (“Top Of The Pops” TV Performance)

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5 reviews for Duran Duran As The Lights Go Down August 16th 1984 (Original Full Length Version)

  1. lynntaylor1428 (verified owner)

    I ordered this on Friday 13 July 2018 and it arrived at my house in the UK on Wednesday 18 July 2018 which I found completely amazing! It is the perfect DVD accompaniment to ‘Sing Blue Silver’ the documentary film.

  2. Lawrence McMillan (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I received my DVD in only 2 days after ordering online. The sound and picture quality are both excellent. I will most certainly be ordering from MVR again. Thank you for the exceptional service!

  3. Margaret Ernsberger (verified owner)

    I am SO THRILLED that I found this Duran Duran DVD! I saw this concert on either Cinemax or HBO back in the eighties and never forgot it, but I only just recently found out the name to even look for it. I did a search on the internet for a DVD of it and found MVR’s web site. I got it extremely fast, and I watched it all the way through right away. It is AMAZING! Not only does it have the wonderful concert I remember seeing years ago, it has two Top of the Pops performances I have never seen, plus several music videos, and what isn’t a music video so much as a mini-movie of “New Moon on Monday” that I have not only have never seen, but never even knew it existed, and it is fantastic! Overall, my experience with MVR is such that I will definitely be checking out their web site to see what else is available of DURAN DURAN on DVD. My buying experience has been an excellent one and the DVD I purchased played flawlessly, even on my old laptop I am using. If I could give more than five stars, I would!!

  4. p.greco01 (verified owner)

    Excellent experience with MVR! So excited to have found this on DVD, which also includes some early DD performances from the UK circa 1983-1984 along with all the music videos from “Seven and the Ragged Tiger” which was a nice surprise! Fast arrival and DVD was in perfect condition. Could not be happier with this DVD, glad I was able to find it here! 10 stars!

  5. norman d bogert (verified owner)

    This is a great DVD of the full concert of Duran Duran. Includes all the videos from Seven And The Ragged Tiger. Video/Audio quality are clear and well worth for Duran fans.

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