DURAN DURAN – European/Worldwide Footage #13: Interview Compilation


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DURAN DURAN – European/Worldwide
Footage #13: Interview Compilation

1.UK TV- “Saturday Superstore” (March, 1987): Interview with Simon, scenes from A View To A Kill, Notorious & Skin Trade (music videos), Simon presents gifts for contest giveaway & questions from phone in viewers
2.Uruguay TV (1986): Interview with Simon, arrives on Drum at Races end
3.UK TV “Good Morning Britain” (January, 1987): Interview with Simon announcing Strange Behaviour Tour ‘87
4.UK TV –Documentary (1985): Interview with Russell Mulcahy, director of/and scenes from “New Moon on Monday”, “Rio”, & “ Wild Boys” (music videos)
5.UK TV – “The Tube” (1987): Interview with Simon
6.UK TV – (show title unknown) (1988): Interview with Simon & Nick
7.UK TV “Thames News” (1988): Big Thing world tour hits London, England, interview with Simon & Nick with footage of band rehearsal fo r concert
8.UK TV – Persil Detergent commercial (1967): Little Simon’s debut as an actor (about age 7)
9.UK TV – “Thames News” (1989): Interview with Johnny LeBon & Bro Simon regarding sailing trip of Johnny’s
10.UK TV – “Thames Reports” (1993): Report on historical hotel, The Savoy, with comments from Nick regarding wedding reception held there (includes footage of Nick’s wedding reception)
11.UK TV –“ Thames Reports” (1981): Report on New Romantic Movement (includes scene from “Planet Earth” music video –very short)
12.MTV Europe (1996): Interview with John Taylor & Neurotic Outsiders discussing the formation of the group & “Jerk” (music video)
13.UK TV (show title unknown) (Winter, 1984): Interview with Simon & Nick on a little white boat scenes from various music videos
14.UK TV “The Old Grey Whistle Test” (5/9/85): Arcadia – interview with Simon & Nick in recording studio for “So The Red Rose”
15.UK TV – “Saturday Superstore” (March, 1987): Interview with Simon, scenes form “A View To A Kill”, “Notorious” & “Skin Trade” (music videos), Simon presents gift for contest giveaway & takes questions from live phone in viewers (same as #1 on this compilation)
16.Italy TV- “Be Bop A Lula” (1988): Interview with Simon in a car
17.UK TV-“Off The Wall” (1988): Duran charter a boat on the river in London for press conference – separate interviews with Simon, Nick & John. Warren & Sterling discuss Warren getting caught nude (Part 1 of 2)
18.Italy TV – “Dee Jay Television” (1988): Separate in-depth interviews with John, Nick & Simon then a group interview with all three (Part 1 of 2 –see worldwide footage #14, segment #1 for Part 2) Part 1: Length 40 minutes – (Part 2 next page)

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