DURAN DURAN – The Video Archives 2011-2015 VOLUME XLIX Paper Gods

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Features Full Menu complete with thumbnails and chapter stops. Excellent quality!!!

1. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 10/28/11: Opening, Leave A Light On (LIVE) and closing segments mentioning Duran Duran (funny)

2. 20/20 “The New Sex: Strange Arrangements” Special 04/20/12: Opening, teaser, then Amanda DeCadenet is interviewed about her new Lifetime interview series and mention being married to John Taylor and talks about when they first met.

3. The Today Show 10/16/12: John Taylor is interviewed regarding his new book “In the Pleasure Groove”

4. Fashion Rocks 09/09/14: Opening, two teasers, host Ryan Seacrest introduces segment that introduces the band and later Afro Jack samples Notorious that leads into a introduction of Duran Duran. The band perform a hits medley including The Reflex,  Girl Panic, Hungry Like The Wolf. After the segment Ryan introduces a segment n the style of the bands performing tonight. It includes out takes from “All You Need Is Now” music video.

5. Entertainment Tonight weekend 08/08/15: Opening, teaser with Duran Duran, Interview with the entire band and exclusive LIVE footage of “Pressure Off” from the FOLD Festival.

6. CBS Sunday Morning 09/13/15: Opening with teaser of segment later oin the show of the band. Official commercial for “Paper Gods”, two additional teasers and then later in the show Profile & In-Depth interview with all band members during their period of performing at the Folds Festival. Includes exclusive live performance clips from the recent tour

7. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon 09/15/15: Opening , teaser and then the band perform “Pressure Off” LIVE and includes closing segment with the band.

8. The Today Show 0917/15: Opening, Mention of DD later in the program. First in a series of “Coming Up” teasers about DD. 7:30 am a teaser of the band coming up later in the show. Another “Coming Up” teaser during commercial break. Shot of fans at the plaza. Then a live clip of DD singing “Ordinary World”. Local NYC News Break that contains mention of the live performance from the band. 8:00 am a teaser of the band coming up later in the show with comments from fans at the plaza. 8:00 am after the commercial break more scenes and comments from the fans along with host Matt Lauer teasing  Savannah about loving Duran Duran as a teen along with visuals of the band on the stage waiting for their slot to start performing. There are two segments like this about 5 minutes apart from one another. Lots of laughs here and the band are in good spirits. Profile of Duran Duran created by the Today show as a precursor to the live performance that leads to a quick segment of “Notorious” live inThe Plaza. 8:30am opening with DD and a few comments from Simon about who’s on the program that day. Interview with a fan.  “Last Night In The City” being played during a closing segment on actress Sarah Jessica Parker. Later in the program shots of fans in the plaza then another  “Coming Up Next” teaser with Duran Duran at The Plaza. Then finally DD take the stage and perform “Hungry Like The Wolf” LIVE. After the commercial break Savannah and Matt interviews Duran Duran then the band performs “Pressure Off”. The second half of the Today show starts with a teaser about DD later in the program along with shots of the fans in the plaza and the hosts discuss the band. Another DD teaser of DD “After The Break” t 9:49am airs a performance that was recorded earlier in the program so it’s out of chronological order but the band perform “Last Night In The City” with Keisza. 10:00am The 3rd hour of the Today show starts with Kathie Lee Giffords and Hoda Kotb which includes a teaser for another performance from the band later in the show.**ALL segments feature only Duran Duran and related footage with NO COMMERCIALS. A highly edited down version of the entire 4 hour program. Edited down to exclusively Duran Duran. Total edited segments total 30 Minutes**

9. The Ellen DeGeneres Show 09/23/15:Teaser with clip of Duran Duran performing “Hungry Like The Wolf” Guest Melissa McCarthy comments on the band and mentions that she worked with JT many years ago. The second teaser of the band. Finally after the break Ellen introduces DD with Janelle Monáe and Nile Rogers performing “Pressure Off” then after the break “Hungry Like The Wolf” LIVE.

10. The IHeartradio Music Festival 2015: 09/29/15: Opening with various teasers about DD performing. Teasers include backstage footage of the band. Also featured are two short interviews as well as a LIVE performance of “RIO” along with a live clip of “Pressure Off” later in the program. Edited down to exclusively Duran Duran.
11. Jimmy Kimmel Live 10/15/15: Opening then teasers about Duran Duran later in the show. Visual of Duran just before performance prior to commercial break then the boys perform “Pressure Off’ and then close the show with “” during the credits for the show.

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  1. Stéphane MOMI

    A wonderful piece of music ! A perfect live description of the band’s life during the after AYNIN and the beginning of the ‘Paper Gods’ project.
    You must have this one if you’re fond of the ‘Paper Gods’ release.
    You will love all the DD live performances, TV shows, share the fun and their pleasure to offer this perfect album to us, their audience.
    Thanks a lot to the staff of for this gift!

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