DURAN DURAN Video Archives 2019-2021 Volume LVIII (includes performances of “Invisible” and WORLD PREMIERE EXCLUSIVE of “Give It All Up” LIVE)


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  1. The 2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Record Date 03/29/19 and Air Date 04/27/19: Opening and The band was inducted by Duran Duran members Simon Le Bon and John Taylor. Both musicians have long cited Roxy Music as one of their influences. Bryan Ferry spoke for the band onstage, giving thanks to the group’s various members over the years, as well as the “great team behind the scene” as he named producers and engineers the band had worked with over the years. “We’d like to thank everybody for this unexpected honor,” he said, singling out the band’s fans before he exited and the group performed for the first time in eight years. Original keyboardist Brian Eno and drummer Paul Thompson weren’t there — Eno is refusing to fly for environmental reasons; Thompson is suffering from arthritis — but Ferry led a band including Roxy guitarist Phil Manzanera, saxophonist Andy Mackay and keyboardist Eddie Jobson. They were rounded out by other musicians who’ve performed with the band throughout the years. They started their set with “In Every Dream Home a Heartache,” from 1973’s For Your Pleasurebefore moving onto “Out of the Blue” (from Country Life), “Love Is the Drug” (their only U.S. Top 40 hit), an abbreviated “More Than This” and the title track from their final album, 1982’s Avalon, and “Editions of You” from For Your Pleasure. Roxy Music rose to prominence in the ‘70s thanks to their innovative fusion of glam rock, punk and New Wave influences. The group was also at the forefront of weaving electronic elements into its sound. Though their biggest commercial success was achieved in the U.K. and throughout Europe, the singles “Love Is the Drug” and “Dance Away” received modest radio airplay in the States. While a full-fledged Roxy Music reunion remains unlikely, fans will have the opportunity to celebrate one of their classic albums. Ferry, the group’s singer and songwriter, is set to tour this summer with a show based around the band’s platinum-selling 1982 release, Avalon. As for Duran Duran, now that their induction duties are done, they’ll turn their attention to festival performances, including the recently announced Kaboo Del Mar. The English New Wave rockers have been eligible for Hall of Fame induction for several years now, but are still awaiting the call. Roxy Music, played a fiery set at the Rock Hall, and they didn’t pander — they opened with the challenging, eerie, slow-builder “In Every Dream Home a Heartache,” Bryan Ferry’s tale of an obsession with a blow-up doll. Yeah, it wasn’t a crowd favorite, but it’s an undersung ‘70s touchstone, and you gotta respect them going for it.
  2. 2021 Billboard Music Awards 05/23/21: opening, five individual teasers “Coming Up” with Duran Duran includes visuals fo “Five Years” music video and then Duran Duran perform live from The Hammersmith Odeon in London UK the new single along with a hits medley “sort of” Notorious, Invisible and Hungry Like The Wolf
  3. Entertainment Tonight 05/24/21: Nick John & Simon are interviewed briefly about the performance on the 2021 BBMA’s
  4. TODAY 07/09/21: Opening 1 at 8 am, teaser 1 along with “Hungry Like The Wolf” is used as a music bed during the birthday segments during that follow the teaser. Teaser 2 includes clip of “Planet Earth” with shot of Simon and Roger waiting to be interviewed live via satellite in London. Live interview via satellite from London with Roger and Simon by Carson Daly Part 1 of 2. They discuss how Covid affected the new album “Past Present” along with answering questions regarding the history of the band. Right after the interview is a live performance that was pre-recorded of “Notorious” in London with guitarist Graham Coxon. Closing outro by Carson talking about the release date of the new LP whilst in a split screen with Simon & Roger still in London. After the break hosts introduce the “new” “Invisible” LIVE whilst in a split screen with Simon & Roger still in London. The band perform “Invisible” LIVE or performance only….hmmmm and then Live interview via satellite from London with Roger and Simon by Carson Daly Part 2 of 2 discussing the concept behind the music video of “Invisible”. Also discussed of future tour plans for 2022.
  5. TODAY 3rd Hour 07/09/21: Opening, teaser 1 of DD coming up later in the program, teaser 2. Introduction where the network specifies that this is the FIRST time debut of a “worldwide exclusive performance Give It All Up” from London with guitarist Graham Coxon. Outro segment and closing segment with music from “Hungry Like The Wolf”
  6. GLOBAL CITIZEN LIVE 5 Hour Broadcast 2 DVD Set 27 continents 24 hours /09/25/21: Opening and the band perform “Ordinary World” LIVE.

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