DURAN DURAN Video Archives 2020-2021 VOLUME LIX


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  1. Good Morning Britain 11/30/20: John Taylor is interviewed and reveals their headlining gig at next years BST Hyde Park concert in London and his personal battle with COVID-19. JT reveals how, 40 years on, the band are still rock and roll and how lockdown has brought him and his wife closer.
  2. Roland Lifetime Achievement Award 2021 1/20/21: Nick is presented its sixth-annual Lifetime Achievement Award. Many artists from the music world and television come together to congratulate Nik Road with independent on camera acknowledgments concluding with Nik roads and his acceptance speech of the award
  3. Australia Ch 10 The Project 06/18/21: Simon Le Bon is interviewed live via satellite to the show where they discuss the new LP especially the new single “invisible” Simon discusses his very first tour with Duran Duran in Australia where they had evidently a great time. Included is rare visual footage of Durand partying in night clubs in Australia back in the early 80s. I was next to smell and it took a whole year I’m feeling fine
  4. Special Edition: The Rolling Stone Interview 08/02/21: this in-depth interview shot at The Carlyle Hotel earlier the same day prior to their “watch what happens” appearance the band go in to deep discussion about the new album. They all discuss working together now versus other periods in their career as well as the introduction of new guitars and how it’s helped shape their new album musically in a way that hasn’t happened since Andy Taylor’s contributions. Any discussions within the hour long in-depth interview include coming up as a band in the 80s and what really sparked their initial success in America with a combination of KROQ in California and WLIR here in New York as radio stations that helped propel them along with of course MTV. A very informative interview where the band touches on issues they haven’t spoke to in any recent interviews
  5. Bravo Network Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen AFTER SHOW 08/02/21: Season 18 Episode 131 FULL SHOW and in-depth interview with the entire  band as they promote their new album PastPresent. Lots of funny moments in this real classic as it’s a live interview so anything goes!

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