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1 .Out of The Box with Jonathan Clarke on Q104.3 08/08/21: in-depth interview with Samuel Bon and Roger Taylor as they discuss  ‘Invisible and working with artificial intelligence.This is definitely one of the better recent interviews. The host sounded like he actually knew what he was talking about.

2. I HeartRadio’s The Box! 10/22/21: John Taylor and Roger Taylor are interviewed in this in-depth talk with both members. “The box” program is based around the idea of reaching into the box and pulling out various artifacts from their past and discussing them. In this case we see John and Roger pulling out various things like albums in addition to an MTV T-shirt and discussing what it means to them. Naturally they talk about the new LP as well

3. The JonathanRoss Show 10/23/21: series originally and this series originally ended more than a couple years ago and has resurfaced with this premiere episode of a brand new season with Duran Duran as a musical guest singing their new song anniversary. In addition is a clip from Simon LeBon’s interview

4. ITV Lorraine 10/29/21: Christine managed to catch up with band-lead singer Simon Le Bon and drummer Roger Taylor. They both discussed taking a year off during Covid and finding out out why their new music video is out of this world and the reason they want to follow in Billie Eilish’s footsteps.

5. Australia TV Today Extra 11/21: interview with Nick Rhodes. Nik and initially discusses obtaining the opportunity to do the soundtrack for the bond film a video kill. Later they discuss the new album with clips from the new music video “anniversary”. They also discussed the possibility of a bio pic.

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