DURAN DURAN VIDEO ARCHIVES European/Worldwide Footage #11


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European/Worldwide Footage #11

1. UK TV – “Top of The Pops Christmas Special” (12/84): The Reflex & The Wild Boys (performance)
2. UK TV – “The Diamond Award Show” (1987): Vertigo (Do The Demolition), Award presented to Simon & Notorious (performance)
3. UK TV (Fall, 1989): Notorious (performance)
4. UK TV – “Top of The Pops” (September, 1996): The Power Station (reunion), “She Can Rock It” (live) – features Andy, Robert & Tony T.
5. UK TV – “Top of The Pops” (1982): Rio (performance)
6. UK TV (show title unknown) (Fall, 1986): Arcadia: The Promise (performance) & interview with Simon & Nick
7. UK TV “Saturday Superstore” (1987): A Matter of Feeling (performance)
8. Chile TV “Siempre En Lunes” (1993): Hungry Like The Wolf, Planet Earth, Notorious, Come Undone & Ordinary World
9. Music Video (Betacam SP Dub): NOT FOR SALE
10. Japan TV “Deluxe” (3/87): Skin Trade (performance w/Japanese subtitles), Notorious (a conceptual performance as seen on “Three to Get Ready” in a behind the scenes but this is the actual broadcast from Japan)
11. Japan TV (1988): All She Wants Is (performance) and I Don’t Want Your Love (live performance)
12. In Italy a man whom has interviewed Duran Duran several times over the years has recently released in 2005 a collection of interviews on DVD (exclusively in Italy) he has done on shows like “Be Bop Ba Lula” and “Roxy” amongst others. Following is a mix of interviews that aired on Italian TV between 1985 to 1989 all featuring John, Simon & Nick through out the years. Spoken in English with Italian subtitles they c ver everything from Live Aid to the break up of Duran’s original line up as well as topical issues regarding there career at the time. The following are the dates and which member was interviewed: Simon in Newcastle, England 7/5/86, Nick in Firenze, Italy 6/7/87, John In Rome Italy 12/1/89, Nick In Rome, Italy 12//1/89, Renee Simonsen in Milan Italy 5/4/87 (John is mentioned), John in Caserta, Italy 12/17/88, Simon in Rome, Italy 6/1/87, Nick in Rome Italy 12/1/89 and finally Simon in Caserta, Italy 12/17/88

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