DURAN DURAN VIDEO ARCHIVES – European/Worldwide Footage #18


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Footage #18:

1. France Promotional Footage: From Capitol Records (1988-1989): Includes conversations & meetings with fans/indirect interviews of Nick, Simon & John

(Part 2 of 2) – Length: (1 hr., 1 min)

2. U.S. T.V.- “CNN” Raw Footage (6/24/87): News of raw footage of surprise gig at the Cat Club in N.Y.C. Includes the following:
a. Interview with Niles Rodgers
b. Footage of band entering & with friend inc
c. Live performance at The Cat Club, “Hungry Like The Wolf”, “New Religion”, & “Some Like It Hot”
Length – (19:26)

3. Japan T.V. Documentary (2/18/89): During U.S. tour in Arizona, interview with Nick, “All She Wants Is” (music video), in-depth interviews with entire band & footage of Duran Duran leaving hotel for live performance, live performances (clips) – Length (20:02)
4. Sweden T.V.- “The Montreux Festival” (5/13/87): Notorious, Meet El Presidente
5. Dutch T.V. (1995)- Simon & Warren (live acoustic), “Crystal Ship” & interview –Length (9:00) (most complete version)
6. U.K. T.V. “The Big Breakfast Show” (1994): Interview with Simon

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