DURAN DURAN VIDEO ARCHIVES – European/Worldwide Footage #21


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Footage #21:

1. U.K. T.V. – “Good Morning Britain” (1990): Interview with Simon (12:04)
2. Italy T.V. – “Rai TV” (1990): Interview with Simon, includes photos of his new baby (7:53)
3. Italy T.V. – “Rai TV” (1990): Interview w/entire band & Violence of Summer (performance), various shots of Duran Duran in audience & Liberty & Serious (performances) (20:09)
4. Italy T.V. – “Rai Uno/Fantasctico ‘90” (1990): Interview w/entire band from various years (5:11)
5. U.K.T.V. – “The Word” (1994): Interview w/John & Amanda backstage at Wembly Arena performanc(:)
6. M-TV Europe – “M-TV’s Most Wanted” Live Broadcast (3/17/95): Hosted by Ray Cokes and Nina “Rebel Rebel” (Live). Nina shoots her “Kinky Kam” and interviews the band as Roy interviews Simon. For a charity, Simon paints a picture while Nina documents with the “Kinky Kam”. Interview with Warren, John & Nick play “The Bingo Wall of Death” answering random questions (Warren and Simon joins them) VERY funny questions and comments from the band, “Success” (live), “Hungry Like The Wolf” (live), and additional song “Plastik Girl” (not sure of title) (39:10)
7. Edel Records EPK (Electronic Press Kit) “Pop Trash at the Duran Duran Hotel” 2000: A different look at the band sectioned into parts. Part 1: Sporting a smoking jacket, Simon guides the camera to the different rooms, finding Warren and Nick in separate rooms. This leads into separate interviews. First with Warren titled “Warren Cuccurullo’s Musical Background/Top Condition.” Second interview with Nick “Nick Rhodes’ Passion for Photography” and “Nick and Warren’s Internet Company.” Interview with Simon, “Simon LeBon’s Family and Simon LeBon’s Musical Roots.” (8:03). Part 2: “Pop Trash: the new Duran Duran album” scenes from a photo session at the same hotel, Simon, Nick & Warren are interviewed specifically about Pop Trash and discuss specific tracks from the LP. Behind the scenes of “Someone Else Not Me” (Music video). “Generations of Duran Duran Fansand 20 years of Duran Duran” as discussed by Duran Duran. Music video clips of Ordinary World, Girls on Film, Hungry Like The Wolf and “Someone Else Not Me” (music video in its entirety) (16:52) TRT (25:55)

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