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1. M-TV Interview (9/85): In-Studio with Nick and Simon

2. MTV World Premiere Election Day (Edited Version)
3. Andy Warhol’s Fifteen Minutes (1985)
4. 5th Annual New Year’s Eve Rock ‘N’ Roll Ball (1985): Commercial
5. Radio 1990 (1985): Lisa Robinson interviews John & Simon (Arcadia/Power Station)
6. The Year in Rock (12/85): Power Station/Arcadia/Duran Duran profile
7. M-TV NEWS (1986): Martha Quinn introduces report about Nick on the bands and new Duran LP amongst the Arcadia and Powerstation projects. Includes footage of Nick in the studio.(Part 1)
8. Entertainment This Week (1986): Hosted by Nick talks about nominees for the Grammy’s including “Record of The Year”
9. Grammy Awards (1986): Nick and Sheena Easton present “Song of The Year”
10. M-TV NEWS (1986): Nick Rhodes interviewed this is (Part 2) of the same as listed on segment #6
11. M-TV Promo (1985): Simon & Nick
12. American Bandstand 33rd Anniversary: Simon & Nick
13. Entertainment Tonight (6/85): Simon, Nick & Roger on View To A Kill/Arcadia
14. Good Morning America (9/12/85): Interview w/Simon he discusses the Whitbread round the world yet race talk so much about it that he waste all this time and forgets to really talk about Arcadia and comments “unbelievable” at the end of the interview pretty funny.
15. M-TV NEWS (1986): Nick on Roger not in videos (Part 3)
16. Arcadia Guest V.J. Commercial (11/85)
17. M-TV News: Remixng completed on “Rose” and puling out of “Super Concert 1”
18. Arcadia Guest V.J. on M-TV (11/85): Nick and Simon host this hour long segment that includes interviews with New York Musician David Van Tieghem who plays on “SRTR” and artist Keith Haring where Keith actually paints around the band along the set during their VJ session which later ends up being photographed by Dean Chamberlain for his work with Keith Haring. No music videos or commercials are included just the segments with the band.
19. Arcadia – The Video: Released in 1987 (56 mins) -This Documentary/Music video compilation was never released in the U.S. It includes all Arcadia videos. (Election Day, Goodbye Is Forever, The Promise, The Flame & Missing)

20. MTV News 1986: Interview with SIMON during the Whitbread round the world yacht race discusses LIVE-AID

21. Short interview with Nik and SIMON incomplete

*See other pages for more Arcadia footage

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