DURAN DURAN Video Archives : Volume XIX


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DURAN DURAN Video Archives : Volume XIX:

1. Duran Duran: The Making of Arena, An Absurd Notion (1985) (49 mins)
Behind the scenes of Wild Boys Interview with Simon, Nick, Roger, Andy & Russell Mulcahy All interviews exclusive to this documentary
2. The Power Station (1986): Pre-recorded home video release interviews w/group from M-TV documentary released that same year plus videos for “Some Like It Hot”, “Get It On” & the mega-rare “Communication”
3. M-TV Top 20 Video Countdown (4/4/95): Interview with Simon & Nick from Las Vegas at Hard Rock Hotel
4. M-TV Music News (4/5/95): Interview with Simon & Warren regarding Hole’s cover of “Hungry Like The Wolf”
5. M-TV Music News (4/7/95): Interview with the band at an Andy Warhol exhibition in NYC
6. Video: “White Lines”
7. E! News Daily (3/95): Interview with the entire group & Thank You profile
8. E! Celebrity Passions (3/95): “Passionate Pastimes” segment interview with Simon & Nick
9. VH-1 The Last Word (3/95): “Your First Album” segment interview with Simon and John (0:44)
10. E! The Gossip Show (3/95): Michael Musto discussed reviews by the original artists of the Thank You project (Visual of Las Vegas rehearsal) (1:12)
11. M-TV Alternative Nation (3/06/95): Interview with the entire group (in depth interview with all videos & commercials edited out) (12:42)
12. Sasson Jean commercial (1986): Rare Version 2 excellent quality (:30)

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