Duran Duran Video Archives Volume XVI


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Duran Duran Video Archives Volume XVI

1. Duran Duran Live (1982): At the Hammersmith Odeon, England: Rio, Hungry Like The Wolf, Nightboat, New Religion, Save A Prayer, Planet Earth, Friends of Mine, Careless Memories, Come Up and See Me (Make Me Smile), Girls on Film (Band Introduction)
2. Friday Night Videos (1983): John & Roger discuss & introduce “Hungry Like The Wolf”
3. Good Morning America (2/17/83): Simon & Nick interview & live footage
4. Interview with Simon (1984)
5. Friday Night Videos (1984): Interview with Simon & Nick (Parts 1 & 2) from 2 separate weeks + 2 videos
6. Solid Gold (1984): Interview Simon & Andy, Group Bio & “New Moon on Monday” Video
7. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (1984): Interview Nick & band profile
8. M-TV 1984 Video Music Awards (9/84): Simon & Nick present award
9. N i g h t   F l i g h t (12/84): Band profile & individual band member bios
10. Italy TV San Remo (1/85): Wild Boys performance (Simon with a broken foot)
11. M-TV Liner Notes (1984): Interview with entire band
12. M-TV Music News (3/24/84): Nile Rodgers join Duran Duran on stage, interview w/John & Roger
13. Italy TV San Remo (2/85): Wild Boys performance (different than segment #10)
14. M-TV Guest V.J. (1983): Hosted by Simon & Nick w/appearances by Andy Warhol and the rest of Duran Duran (Part 1 of 2, see segment #1 of Volume XVII for part 2 of this segment)

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