DURAN DURAN – Video Archives VOLUME XXXVIII 2005-2007


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This volume of the Duran Duran Video Archives contains not only flawless quality of footage from the USA but is perfectly edited with exact chapter stops for each and every segment though the two hour duration of the DVD. Also included is a complete multi page menu with thumbnails (pictures) of each segment so you can access any segment you want with ease. This DVD is great for American fans but is priceless for any European fan who would have seen nearly none of this footage of the band before. Available only here, at MVR.

1.    (UKTV) Fashion Rocks 09/09/05: Opening, Gwen Stefani introduces Duran Duran and performs Girls On Film and NICE LIVE
2.    (UKTV) BBC’s The True Top Of The Pops Story 2005: Interview with Simon and Nick (RARE)
3.    Ovation “Popular Song: Soundtrack Of The Century Modern Pop” 2001(Recorded 5/29/05): Interview with  Nick Rhodes and John Taylor discuss the song writing and inspiration behind  “Rio”
4.    IFC presents “Crossover” (2001) Air Date 05/13/06: Interview with John Taylor discussing crossing over from music to film RARE
5.    VH1’s Top 100 Songs of The 80’s 10/2006: Hungry Like The Wolf at #3. Includes interview with Suzanna Hoffs of The Bangles
6.    A Concert For Diana 7/1/07: Inro by Elton john of Prince Harry and Willaim as they introduce Duran Duran performing live at Wembley Stadium in London, England:   Sunrise (Reach Up For the), Wild Boys, DD then dedicates Rio to the memory of Diana,
7.    Live Earth 7/14/07: Planet Earth, Ordinary World, Notorious and Girls On Film
8.    Entertainment Tonight 09/17/07: Duran Duran perform at the after party for the Emmy Awards. Visuals of the band live at the after party.
9.    Eyewitness News 11/09/07: Union Stager hands go out on strike affecting the Broadway series of shows for Duran Duran. Visual of Simon arriving at the Barrymore Theartre at the night of the strike.
10.    Eyewitness News Morning Edition 11/16/07: Preview of GMA and mention of Duran Duran
11.    Good Morning America 11/16/07: Opening, 1st teaser of Duran Duran, 2nd Hour opening with 2nd teaser of DD with clip of Falling Down video as well as visual of DD fans in the background. 3th teaser, introduction to segment finds DD at the end of Notorious playing Live. Biggest fan performing a Duran Duran Video contest. Two clips of the two contestants. Then winner is acknowledged. 4th teaser then Falling Down video clip and Official commercial for the 35th Annual AMA’s icluded are Duran Duran. Finally,  introduction and Falling Down LIVE, interview with Simon and Girls On Film Live, closing segment with Duran Duran.
12.    The 35th Annual American Music Awards 11/18/07: Opening, two teasers, Falling Down and Hungry Like The Wolf (Viewers Choice performance) LIVE. The close of the segment includes Simon hugging Slash guitarist of GNR and sometimes guitarist of Neurotic Outsiders (A band that John was a part of).
13.    The Ellen DeGenerous Show 11/21/07: Opening, Ellen discusses DD on the show later, teaser, Falling Down interview with Simon and Rio (LIVE)


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