Echo and The Bunnymen / Ian McCulloch (Solo) Music Video Anthology (2 Hrs.)

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Nearly all music videos are COMPLETE and ALL are UNINTERRUPTED and all music videos are close to the order that they were originally released. Totoaling TWO SOLID HOURS consisting of  just under THIRTY Music Videos including rare solo music video from Ian. Easily the most complete music video collection of  BOTH Echo and The Bunnymen and Ian McCulloch (Solo) from start to finish in the world totaling just under TWO HOURS LONG! Even if you own ALL prior music video collections you still would not have anywhere near ALL the music videos available on this unique offer and it’s here only at MVR!


1.“In Bluer Skies”
2.”The Cutter”
3.”My White Devil”
5.”Heads Will Roll”
6.”Back of Love”
7.”Pictures on my wall/Rescue”
8.”Stars are Stars/Over the Wall”
9.”The Puppet/A Promise”
10.”The Back of Love”
12.”Higher Hell”
13.”The Cutter”
14.”Going Up”
15.”All That Jazz”
16.”Do It Clean”
17.”The Killing Moon”
18.”Thorn of Crowns”
19.”Crocodiles” (Live Version 2)
20.”Seven Seas”
21.Ian McCulloch: “Lover Lover Lover”
22.”Crocodiles (Live Original Version 1)” (RARE)
23.”Bring on the Dancing Horses”
24.”Lips Like Sugar”
25.Ian McCulloch: “Proud To Fall”
26.Ian McCulloch: “Faith and Healing”
27.Ian McCulloch: “Honeydrip”


28. “I Want To Be There When You Come”
29. “Nothing Last Forever”

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1 review for Echo and The Bunnymen / Ian McCulloch (Solo) Music Video Anthology (2 Hrs.)

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Melissa Albert (verified owner)

    I really want to give this four and a half stars which is not an option. My reason for doing so is only because a couple of more videos could have made this perfect, namely “The Game”, “Rust”, and Ian’s solo “Candleland”. If you have the “More Songs to Learn and Sing” Bunnymen cd dvd set then essentially you have the missing Bunnymen videos (but not “Candleland”). The quality is good considering some of these videos date back 30 plus years, so I cannot be picky about technology that was not around back then. I really like how the videos are in order from oldest to newest, and I think the production is very good overall. I highly recommend this DVD, and the “missing videos” comment is just my opinion of what a “perfect” Bunnymen anthology should include. The solo Ian work is a huge bonus that I don\t think you can find anywhere else. Being able to see the track listing is also important, and I was certainly aware that the above videos I mentioned were not included. I didn’t hesitate to purchase it with that knowledge.

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