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1. The Show Before The Show 03/04/23: This LIVE show opens with an impromptu video dedication from Bono lead singer of U2 repharsing the Elvis classic “Jailhouse Rock” then, LIVE from The Comedy Store in Los Angeles in Los Angeles hosted by Ronnie Chieng LIVE at the World Famous Comedy Store on Los Angeles’ with Deon Cole as DJ for the pre-show. Ronnie performs a comedy set followed by introduction of Deon Cole who talks about what he learned from Chris Rock. Comments for Jeff Ross live at his own show. Arsenio Hall doing some stand-up comedy including talking about Chris when he first started with his first appearance on the Arsenio Hall show including a clip from that performance in 1989. Following Arsenio’s standup routine is a video montage of various actors and comedians wishing Chris Rock well on his upcoming special including Paul McCartney Jerry Signfield Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Matthew McConaughey along with Rosie Perez, Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Hart, Sarah Silverman Ice-T and Adam Sandler. After the video dedication and unexpected visit from J.B. Smoove. Then Leslie Jones performs stand-up talking about how Chris Rock helped her get on SNL.

2. SELECTIVE OUTRAGE 03/04/23: Rock performs at the Hippodrome Theatre at The France-Merrick Centere for The Performing Arts  in Baltimore, at Maryland, but fans in 190 countries around the globe caught this LIVE.

It was nearly a year ago that Will Smith marched onto the Dolby Theatre stage and smacked the piss out of host Chris Rock in the middle of the Oscars ceremony — all for the crime of making an off-color joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s hairdo. You surely know what happened next: instead of removing him from the venue, the Academy allowed Smith to stay, leading to a surreal, rambling acceptance speech (through tears) when he won the Best Actor Oscar for King Richard later that night. At an after party, an inebriated Smith was captured on video beaming while dancing with the Oscar to his hit “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It.”

While Smith took months to issue a video apology for The Slap, and recently poked fun at it in a TikTok, Rock has remained relatively tight-lipped about the episode, turning down interviews — and an offer to return as host of this year’s Oscars — and saving his response for the stand-up stage. On the evening of March 4, Rock released his new stand-up special Chris Rock: Selective Outrage on Netflix, marking the first time the streamer has aired a live stand-up concert. The show, which took place in Baltimore, Maryland, contained Rock’s most full-throated response to the slap seen ‘round the world.

Clad in all white, like he just walked off the set of the music video for “I Want It That Way,” the comedian took the stage to a roaring round of applause. “I’m gonna try to do a show tonight without offending nobody,” he announced, adding, “Because you never know who might get triggered.” The centerpiece of Rock’s special is the concept of “selective outrage,” or people “canceling” others for certain things while letting people slide for a similar offense, like when people will play Michael Jackson but won’t play R. Kelly because one of them has “better songs.”

After taking on the hypocrisy of “woke” businesses, the attention economy (from a stand-up comic, ironically enough), the white male grievance on display during the Jan. 6 riot, Meghan Markle, the Kardashians, abortion, and how Elon Musk’s body “looks so weird” due to a lack of sperm from getting his dick sucked all the time, Rock addressed the elephant in the room over the course of ten minutes.

3. The Show After The Show 03/04/23: Hosts Dana Carvey and David Spade review the special live right after it airs discussing some of the more poignant moments throughout this live standup performance. Panelists include Arsenio Hall, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Yvonne Orji and J.B. Smoove

TOTAL RUNNING TIME 2 Hours 16 Minutes

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