Eddie Murphy The Video Archives 2019 Volume I (includes the historical return to Saturday Night Live after 35 years!) Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Lizzo


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Description: This customized compiled collection reveals the return of Eddie Murphy that concludes with not only his historic return to SNL after 35 years but also many interviews and profiles about the event both before and after the airing. In addition to Eddie’s SNL whole show appearance are in-depth interviews from Eddie that same week in December where the subject of his latest film “Dolemite Is My Name” is discussed along with his future plans for “Coming To America” II and his eventual RETURN to stand-up comedy. Own this unique DVD chronicling this historic return of one of the worlds most important comedian/actors Eddie Murphy. TWO FULL HOURS with a complete full page menu as seen int he photos provided. You will NOT find this rare customized DVD anywhere else on the internet.

Eddie Murphy The Video Archives 2019 Volume I (includes the historical return to Saturday Night Live after 35 years!) Track Listing:

1. Today 12/19/19: “Eddie Murphy Returns to SNL” In-depth Interview with Al Roker at Studio 8H for Saturday Night Live appearance (Part 1 of 3) Eddie discusses starting out on SNL and the characters he’s considering bringing backfire the first time in 35 years.

2. 3rd Hour Today 12/19/19: “Eddie Murphy Returns to SNL” In-depth Interview with Al Roker at Studio 8H for Saturday Night Live appearance (Part 2 of 3) Eddie fields question from Al about potentially joining Lizzo on stage during her performance.

3a. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 12/20/19: This segment includes quick mention from the local news closing prior to the program mentioning Eddie Murphy on the Tonight Show as NBC gears up for the big SNL return the following night. Then opening of the Tonight Show, later a mention of Eddie being on the program. Finally Eddie is interviewed for two segments. He discusses his first set of auditions for SNL at age 19. Talks about NOT going to the SNL afterparties and instead partying at “Bentley’s” with the exception of one time with Johnny Cash. Jimmy talks about Eddie’s former SNL characters. Some discussion on stand-up anyhow he has to practice at local clubs. Also mentions film completion for “Coming To America” II and his roll in “Dolemite Is My Name” and shows scene from the film. Also a funny story about Prince and NOT being in the original Ghostbusters film. Also discusses getting rid of his Elvia memorabilia.

3b. Saturday Night Live Commercial 12/20/19: Official teaser/promo with Eddie Murphy, musical guest Lizzo and cast member Keenan Thompson

4. News 4 NY at 11 12/21/19: Quick LIVE view of Studio 8H as they prepare for the historical return of Eddie Murphy. Before the interview, this segment also includes the EXTREMELY RARE commercial specifically made just for Eddie’s historical return to SNL. This is NOT the normal SNL Commercial “teaser/promo” (seen prior in this collection) that is normally made for each episode; this is an additional commercial made specifically for Eddie’s return to SNL it’s something special. An additional short segment from Al Roker’s interview earlier that week (Part 3 of 3). Eddie discusses expectations that people have in comparison to what he aims to deliver.

5. Saturday Night Live 12/21/19: Whole show ALL COMMERCIALS EDITED OUT. Murphy, who helped keep ‘S.N.L.’ alive in the ’80s, hosted for the first time in 35 years, with help from his old characters and a ton of special guests. It took 35 years, but Eddie Murphy came back to host “Saturday Night Live.” The last time Murphy hosted the show, it was Dec. 15, 1984, just a few months after this one-time wunderkind (who joined “S.N.L.” when he was 19 years old) quit the program to focus on his flourishing film career. In the sketches that aired that night, he revisited several of his beloved characters, including Buckwheat, Gumby and Mr. Robinson. Tonight, in an episode that also featured the musical guest Lizzo, Murphy returned to those characters once again. But first, in an opening monologue, he updated the audience on the last several years of his life and received tributes from a few surprise guests.Taking the stage of NBC’s Studio 8H, Murphy told “S.N.L.” viewers: “This is the last episode of 2019. But if you’re black, this is the first episode since I left back in 1984.” He then showed a photograph of himself when he was still an “S.N.L.” cast member. “Yeah, I look at least five years younger there,” Murphy said. “You know what they always say: Money don’t crack.” Among the ways that his life has changed since then, Murphy said, is that “I have 10 kids now — 11 if you count Kevin Hart.” He added, “If you had told me 30 years ago that I would be this boring stay-at-home house dad and Bill Cosby would be in jail, even I would have took that bet.” Slipping into his Cosby impersonation, Murphy said, “Who is America’s Dad now?” Tracy Morgan, a fellow “S.N.L.” alum, joined Murphy onstage and offered him praise. “If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here,” Morgan told him. “Like, literally. I was conceived on the ‘Delirious’ tour bus.” Chris Rock, who was also an “S.N.L.” cast member before becoming a stand-up superstar, said that the show’s creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels had compared him to Murphy when he joined the show. “When I got hired, Lorne told me, ‘You’re going to be the next Eddie Murphy,” Rock said. “And then a year later he said, ‘No, you’re not.’” Dave Chappelle, another titan of stand-up, told Murphy he had been an inspiration. “I followed your blueprint for my entire career,” Chappelle said. “I became the biggest star on television and then I quit.” Looking over the assembled group, Chappelle said, “Right now you’re looking at half of Netflix’s budget, right here onstage.” Morgan said: “Not me. I made all my millions on the road.” Murphy asked, “You mean touring?” Morgan replied, “No, I got hit by a truck.” Mr. Robinson Sketch of the Week: In the first of several segments in which Murphy reprised his former “S.N.L.” characters, he donned the sweater and sneakers of Mr. Robinson, his Mr. Rogers parody, who told viewers that his neighborhood had changed considerably since the last time they saw him. As Murphy sang in his opening song: I was gone for a bit, but now I’m all right. My neighbors was all black, but now they white. The check cashing place turned into a bank. Elevator works and the stairs they don’t stink. The white people came and changed everything,
But I am still your neighbor. He also taught his audience about the word “gentrification”: “It’s like a magic trick,” Murphy said. “White people pay a lot of money and then poof, all the black people are gone.” Buckwheat Sketch of the Week: What started out looking like a straightforward lampoon of Fox’s reality competition series “The Masked Singer” took a turn when Chris Redd (playing the show’s host, Nick Cannon) introduced a new contestant, dressed in a giant corn-on-the-cob costume, who began crooning “Can’t Help Falling in Love” in an almost unintelligible patois. It was, of course, Murphy, playing his version of Buckwheat, the old “Our Gang” character, who went onto sing other popular tunes including “Dine, Teal, Dawibba,” “I Chot Da Chariff” and “Tinga Nadies.” Melissa Villaseñor, playing the panelist Nicole Scherzinger, told Murphy, “We’ve missed you these past 30 years.” He told her not to worry, saying, “Wherever I am, I’m doing o-tay.” Gumby Sketch of the Week: In another welcome head-fake, Jost began to set up a joke about Mitch McConnell, only to be interrupted by Murphy, playing his dyspeptic version of Gumby, the venerable clay-animated character. Murphy joined Jost and Che at the Weekend Update desk, mostly to bellow out his famous catchphrase, “I’m Gumby, damn it,” and to roast the two anchors. “I’ve passed kidney stones with more personality than the two of you,” Murphy told them. “Face it, kid, the two of you together couldn’t Velcro my sneakers.” (Meanwhile, if you were hoping to see Murphy’s old character Velvet Jones, he turned up in a “Black Jeopardy” sketch later in the show.)

6. Sunday Today 12/22/19: Opening, Eddie revives beloved characters after 35 years! A full review of this historic episode with highlights from the program.

7. Today 12/24/19: Eddie Murphy’s Triumphant return. Comedian jolts “SNL” as fall out from Bill Cosby’s camp regarding comment during Eddie’s opening monologue. Includes Instagram scathing response/comment posted by Cosby’s publicist. OUCH

8. CBS Sunday Morning 12/29/19: Opening then teaser for “coming up” Eddie Murphy. This Profile/In-Depth interview discusses his Golden Globe nominated performance in “Dolemite Is My Name” and later his involvement with Saturday Night Live with various clips froths different movies. Includes his somewhat controversial comment the the 1988 Academy Awards. This moment is discussed. Later he discusses how being spiritually grounded through the years has helped him through the hard times.Finally closing this fairly long segment is a review with Eddie for the first time after his SNL historical appearance/performance.


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