ELTON JOHN The Video Archives 2017-2019 Volume II (10 Days That Rocked Elton)


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10 Days That Rocked Elton 06/19/19 in the UK and 07/21/19 in the USA: Although known for being knighted and selling millions of records, the songwriter also battled drug addiction, among other problems.

This documentary is about the ten defining moments in the singer’s life. These moments are highlighted by John’s own words from what he wrote and from interviews. Through the course of this piece, we will unravel these significant moments and see what made the man into the legend.

The documentary lifts the lid on one of the most iconic performers of all time with a look at the most powerful moments that molded his career and identity. Highlighting each moment are Elton’s own words from his writings and interviews as he reflects on each major milestone that altered the trajectory of his life. And helping tell his story are candid interviews with friends, colleagues and biographers. They include former band members Caleb Quaye and Kenny Passarelli; ex-fiancée Linda Hannon; biographer Keith Hayward; erstwhile manager Ray Williams; and producer Pete Bellotte.

Total Running Time 1 Hour 28 Minutes


Jack Ayres Teen Elton
Tristan Beint Cliff
Pete Bellotte Producer and Friend
Renate Blauel – Elton’s Wife (archive footage)
Matthew Brenher Fred Fairbrother
Gareth Cassidy Elton
Sam Cassidy Hugh
Grant Davis Hack
Sheila Eileen Dwight – Elton’s Mother (archive footage)
Aaron Foy Bernie
David Furnish (archive footage)
Lady Gaga (archive footage)
Linda Hannon – Ex-fiancée
Keith Hayward – Elton John Biographer
Lauren Hurwood Linda
Elton John (archive footage)
Billie Jean King (archive footage)
David Larkham – Elton’s Art Director 1968-1978
Richard Lynson Narrator (voice)
George Michael (archive footage)
Joanna Neary Sheila
Kenny Passarelli – Elton’s Bass Player 1974-1976 (as Kenny Passerelli)
Andy Peebles – Radio 1 DJ 1978-91
Ryan Philpott Stanley
Andrew Piper David
Caleb Quaye – School Friend and Musician
John Reid (archive footage)
Jon Paul Rowder John
Bernie Taupin (archive footage)
John Voce Narrator as Elton
Ray Williams – Elton’s First Manager
Cher (archive footage) (uncredited)

2. Rock Legends 11/09/16: The journey of the piano player who became a rock star and continues to top the charts 45 years later. a combo of “rare footage [and] unforgettable performances” that examines his influence on rock and roll. That’s followed by Elton John: Music Man, a career-surveying documentary with tons of behind-the-scenes footage.

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