ENYA The Ultimate Music Video Anthology (Remixes and Alternate Versions)

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This DVD  includes ALL of the videos from ENYA including some alternate versions and a remix as well as THREE RARE LIVE PERFORMANCES. ALL music SEVENTEEN music videos are Official, COMPLETE and UNINTERRUPTED. 

Songs include:
1.              Orinoco Flow 
2.              Evening Falls 
3.              Storms In Africa 
4.              Exile 
5.              Caribbean Blue 
6.              Shepherd Moons 
7.              How Can I Keep From Singing 
8.              Book Of Days 
9.              The Celts 
10.           Anywhere Is 
11.           On My Way Home 
12.           Only If 
13.           Only Time (Original Conceptual Version 1)  
14.           Wild Child 
15.           Only Time (Original Conceptual with  Remix Music Version 2) RARE 
16.           May It Be (Lord Of The Rings Soundtrack)  
17.           Only Time (Re-edit of Original Conceptual Version 3 “without Winter scenes”) RARE 
18.           Enya – A Life In Music: includes an In-depth interview with Enya and her fellow musicians on their musical history and their latest release A Day Without Rain 
19.           Only Time – The Making Of the Video: includes behind the scenes of the making of the music video Only Time  .
20.           “enya a day without rain”A Day Without Rain 2000: A documentary that was shot at the same time as Enya – A Life In Music and Only Time – The Making Of the Video BUT includes never before scenes of Enya being interviewed as well  as interview with head of Marketing discussing Enya as she is seen by her public. Generally longer, more in-depth and includes more footage overall. An incredible 24 minutes long and also includes behind the scenes of the music video Only Time that varies from segment #19.  
21.           May It Be (LIVE) 1/17/2002 
22.           Only Time (LIVE) 1/2001
23.           May It Be (LIVE) 3/2002 
Even if you own ALL prior music video collections you still would not have all the music videos available in this unique offer. An AMAZING SEVENTEEN MUSIC VIDEOS, THREE LIVE PERFORMANCES and the 24 minute documentary / in-depth interview TOTALING OVER TWO HOURS AND THREE MINUTES of Enya 1988-2003. Easily the  most complete collection of Enya’s music videos in the world. Get yours today.

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3 reviews for ENYA The Ultimate Music Video Anthology (Remixes and Alternate Versions)

  1. swatkins455 (verified owner)

    This is my first purchase through MVR. The Enya music video anthology is very good quality. The DVD has a few videos that I did not see available anywhere on the internet and the interview was great! I received the DVD in less than a week after ordering. I would give my experience with MVR a 5 out of 5 rating.

  2. kathyrpappas (verified owner)

    I love this music video Anthology DVD. Love all the songs, price was good and fast shipping I have ordered others and will order again.

  3. norman d bogert (verified owner)

    Enya is the solution when you’re over stressed between her absolute beautiful videos and haunting voice. Play this DVD on play and relax and watch all your problems melt away The images are clear and the sound is crystal clear,this is one DVD to relax to.

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