Eurythmics Annie Lennox Dave Stewart Video Archives 1983-2014 (6 DVD Set 12 Hours)


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  1. Rock over London 1983: Love Is A Stranger
  2. Rock-It ’88 (from The Montreux Rock Festival) 1988: I Need A Man & You Have Placed A Chill (Acoustic)
  3. Saturday Night Live 1989: Angel & (My My) Baby’s Gonna Cry (10:20)
  4. Late Night with David Letterman 1989: Interview & When The Day Goes Down (Acoustic) (6:17)
  5. The Arsenio Hall Show 1989: (My My) Baby’s Gonna Cry, Interview, Sweet
  6. Dreams, Would I Lie To You & Don’t Ask Me Why (ALL ACOUSTIC) (14:39)
  7. Eyewitness News Night Cast (WBZ-TV) Local TV Boston, PA 1989: Eurythmics after f l i g h t press conference/impromptu preview show. Interview with Annie and Dave & We Too Are One (Acoustic)
  8. News Center 5 at Six (WCVB-TV) Local TV Boston, PA 1989: Interview with Annie & Dave and Missionary Man (Acoustic)
  9. News 7 New England (WNEV-TV) Local TV Boston, PA 1989: Interview with Annie & Dave and We Too Are One (Acoustic)
  10. Ch. 5 News at Four (WMAQ-TV) Local TV Chicago, IL. 1989: Eurythmics after f l i gh.t press conference/impromptu preview show. Interview with Annie and Dave & We Too Are One (Acoustic)
  11. Ch. 5 News at Ten (WMAQ-TV) Local TV Chicago, IL. 1989: Same report as #7 segment but this one has more interview footage.
  12. Fox 32 News at 9 (WFLD-TV) Local TV Chicago, IL. 1989: Interview with Annie & Dave and Missionary Man (Acoustic)
  13. VH-1: Saturday Night Live – 25 Years 9/99: Here Comes The Rain, Sweet Dreams & Ball and Chain
  14. Late Night with David Letterman 9/99: Opening, 17 Again (LIVE ) and comments from Dave after the performance
  15. American Music Awards 1/2000: I Saved The World Today/Here Comes The Rain Again
  16. Experience Music Project 6/00: Missionary Man & Why? & Here Comes The Rain


  1. A Concert for Life: A Tribute to Freddie Mercury: 1/96: Queen w/Annie Lennox & David Bowie sing Under Pressure
  2. The 38th Annual Grammy Awards 2/96: Teaser, Annie wins “Best Female Pop Vocal Performance” for “No More I Love You’s” & Train In Vain (LIVE) and Seal & Annie Lennox perform What’s Going On?–Marvin Gaye Tribute
  3. VH-1 Grammy Wrap Up 2/96: Interview with Annie
  4. The Brit Awards ’96 4/96: Best British Female
  5. Saturday Night Live 1/99: Why? & Have Mercey and clsoing segment



  1. The Greenwich Millennium Party from The National Maritime Museum 06/08/02: Here Comes The Rain Again, Life On Mars (cover of the David Bowie Song from 1971) & Sweet Dreams
  2. Primtime Thursday 06/19/03: In-depth Interview with Annie Lennox
  3. Good Morning America 10/20/03: Opening, visual of Annie in studio. Interview with Annie and the following songs live: Wonderful (second single from Bare LP) and Annie solo playing Piano to Here Comes The Rain Again.
  4. Live With Regis & Kelly 10/21/03: Opening, teaser and Annie sings A Thousand Beautiful Things and interview with Annie and Annie solo playing Piano to Here Comes The Rain Again.
  5. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 10/27/03: Annie sings “Wonderful” (LIVE)
  6. MTV The Concert In association with MTV 11/29/03: Annie and Dave perform Sweet Dreams and then Youssou N’Dour enters the stage to sing his hit 7 Seconds as duet with Annie and the Eurythmics (classic) and profile of the aids cause including interview with Dave Stewart.
  7. The 76th Annual Academy Awards 02/28/04: Annie performs Into The West and receives award for “Best Original Song from a Film” and Annie makes the acceptance speech. Closing segment of all winnners including Annie.
  8. E After Show Grammy Wrap up Show 02/04: Exclusive Live interview with Annie as she reacts to winning the Oscar for the first time.
  9. The Ellen Degenerous Show 02/04: Annie performs the song Into The West from Lord Of The Rings
  10. Tsunami Aid Special 01/2005: Annie performs
  11. LIVE 8 07/02/05: Brad Pitt introduces Annie Lennox performing Why? Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (VH1 Classic’s coverage) Live, Finale Hey Jude (including Georege Michael, Annie Lennox,).
  12. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 11/21/05: I’ve Got A Life LIVE
  13. The American Music Awards 11/22/05: Hits Medley I’ve Got A Life /Missionary Man/Sweet Dreams LIVE
  14. The UK Music Hall Of Fame 11/26/05: Bob Geldof introduces historical profile of Eurythmics and then inducts The Eurythmics into the UK Rock ‘N Roll Hall Of Fame. Acceptance speech from both Dave and Annie and then Eurythmics perform a hits medley of I’ve Got A Life, Missionary Man and Sweet Dreams



  1.     VH1 Storytellers 1999: Who’s That Girl, Missionary Man, Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This), 17 Again, Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves, Why?, Here Comes The Rain Again, I’m Alive, Ball and Chain, Would I Lie To You ? 45 Minutes
    2.    VH1’s Top 100 Songs of The 80’s 10/2006: Sweet Dreams #50. Includes interview with Dave Stewart
    3.    Idol Gives Back 04/25/07: Annie performs live Bridge Over Troubled Waters
    4.    CBS Sunday Morning 9/30/07: In-Depth Interview & Profile of Annie Lennox
    5.    Today Show 10/02/07: One live song and interview
    6.    The View 10/04/07: One Song Live and outro from the show includes Annie
    7.    The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 10/05/07: One Song Live from Annie
    8.    Idol Gives Back 04/09/08: Annie visits a parentless family of four boys in Africa then performs live Many Rivers


1. We Too Are One 1989 (Home Video release) We Two Are One Too, was released in 1990 and featured the promotional videos for the five singles from the album and other footage of the band performing some of the album’s tracks. This is actually the only commercial release of the promo video for the 1989 single “Revival”, which was never included on any subsequent video compilations from the band. Excellent quality.


1. The 2008 American Music Awards 11/23/08: Justin Timberlake presents a profile on Annie Lennox then Annie performs live solo on piano the song from the DIVA LP “Why?” then Justin presents the “Award of Merit” to Annie. Finally Annie accepts award along with her acceptance speech
2. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 02/14/09: Annie performs Why? Solo on piano fantastic and haunting performance
3. FOX American Idol Idol Gives Back 04/21/10: Annie stranded in London, England hosts and narrates two segments on the care that “Idol Gives Back” provides. Then Annie sings a song in London called “Universal Child”
4. A&E’s Private Sessions with Annie Lennox 2010: Lyn interviews Lennox with an exclusive interview and intimate live performances. Songs include 1) SWEET DREAMS (ARE MADE OF THESE) 2) WALKING ON BROKEN GLASS 3) HERE COMES THE RAIN AGAIN 4) WHY 5) LITTLE BIRD
5. The Tonight Show 11/15/10: Universal Child (Live) from the New LP A Christmas Cornucopia
6. Good Morning America 11/19/10: Segment opens with a teaser of Annie singing live in the GMA studios “Walking On Broken Glass” as a part of GMA’s “Fall Concert series. Later another teaser in the GMA Studios of Annie singing live “Why?”. Finally an interview with Annie Lennox discussing new LP “A Christmas Cornucopia” and a live performance (in its entirety) of  Universal Child (Live). Annie closing segment being thanked by hosts.
7. Live with Regis & Kelly 12/14/10: See  Amid The Winter’s Snow, interview and The Holly & The Ivy LIVE
8. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 12/15/10: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen LIVE and
Visual of Annie during the closing segment
9. Later with Jools Holland 11/20/09: David Gray performs Full Steam Ahead as a duet with Annie Lennox
10. Later with Jools Holland 05/12/09: Annie performs a piano solo with Here Comes The Rain Again
11. The Late Late Show 0712/11: Dave Stewart & Joss Stone Perform
12. The 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert 2009 Air Date 11/26/11: Aretha Franklin with Annie Lennox: Chain of Fools
13. The Beatles Grammy Salute: “The Night That Changed America 02/09/14: Eurythmics Reunion perform “The Fool On The Hill”


1. The Ringmaster General (Documentary) 04/12/12: THE RINGMASTER GENERAL captures DAVE STEWART through the whirlwind recording process at John and Martina McBride’s Blackbird Studios, of two explosive albums, the acclaimed 2011 release, The Blackbird Diaries, and the recently released The Ringmaster General. This tongue-in-cheek documentary follows STEWART’s adventures in songwriting, letting the viewer witness his eccentric but compelling methods of creativity. The days were filled with mayhem and martinis, while a circus of characters cross STEWART’s path; many muses appear to join in the fun including Alison Krauss, Martina McBride, Colbie Caillat, The Secret Sisters, Joss Stone, Stevie Nicks, Jessie Baylin, Diane Birch and Orianthi.

The road that led to THE RINGMASTER GENERAL begins in London with the eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano. DAVE STEWART was grounded there with no hope of getting home to Los Angeles. A wander down Denmark Street leads him to a vintage guitar shop where an old acoustic guitar catches DAVE’s eye. Learning the previous owner was an eccentric country and western star named Red River Dave, STEWART gets inspired. The next morning a f l i g h t opens up, by way of Nashville, and STEWART jumps at the chance to investigate the music city. Magically Big Kenny (Big and Rich) leads the way into adventure, with the documentary capturing a unique moment in time where the music business is locked out and the lunatics take over the asylum.

2. Good Morning America 10/22/14: GMS’s Fall Concert series. Two teasers of Annie Lennox, one of which she sings “Georgia” Annie Lennox is interviewed about her new LP “Nostalgia” and mentions it’s release in the vinyl format. Then Annie singing “I Put A Spell On You” and closing segment.

3. The 57th Annual Grammy Awards 02/08/15: Hozier duet with Annie Lennox “Take Me To Church” and a cover of “I Put A Spell On You”

4. Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life An All-Star Grammy Salute 02/16/15: This two-hour music special looks back at Wonder’s career. Annie Lennox covers “My Cherie Amour” . Annie Lennox joins the cast for a Finale with Stevie.

5. The Graham Norton Show 2014: Opening and Annie performs “God Bless The Child” and then joins the guests for a interview about her new LP “Nostalgia” that closes the program.

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