EURYTHMICS ANNIE LENNOX DAVE STEWART Video Archives 2014-2021 VOLUME VII (In Progress Unavailable)


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1. Rock Legends 07/08/14: Annie and Dave, who wanted to expand their creativity further, formed the Eurythmics and released their debut album, In the Garden. In the Garden achieved little commercial success and the duo chose to retreat to a small home studio in London’s Chalk Farm, where they were free to develop a new sound. They began to work with synthesisers, a choice that would lead them to their breakthrough hit, “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)”. The success of the single led to a re-release of “Love is a Stranger”. The band, now big on both sides of the Atlantic, had another hit on their hands. Featuring archive material, music videos “Who’s That Girl”, “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” and, exclusive insights from music critics and journalists Michael Bonner (Uncut Magazine), Hamish MacBain (Shortlist), John Aizlewood (Evening Standard), Rock Legends Eurythmics tells the story of one of Britain’s enduring rock bands. Music videos by the Eurythmics are featured during this look at the British duo’s success.


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