Falco Video Archives Volume I (1.2 Hours)


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Product Description: Falco Video Archives (1.2 Hours)
1. MTV Guest VJ Hour with Falco 1986: This MEGARARE TV APPEARANCE IN THE USA ON MTV AIRED ONLY ONE TIME OVER TWENTY YEARS AGO! This is NOT an MTV in studio VJ hour. This special was shot entirely in Austria. Contents include Falco with some funny comments as he assumes the role of VJ. Also included is Falco showing us around Austria in a candy store, Hotels, even a gas station and around the slopes of Austria etc..Falco also does a mock interview with his “Amadeus” character (as seen in the music video) played by himself. Music Videos included are : Fishbone (?) Modern Industry, W.A. Mozart Music conducted By Neville Marriner Symphony #25 in G Minor and finally Falco’s Rock Me Amadeus (Music Video) (All Commercials Edited Out) (21:02)
2. The making of the Music Videos of Falco (Documentary) : This documentary starts in 1987 and finishes with Falco’s last music video and the tribute videos that followed. Footage of behind the scenes of the making of the music videos for the album “Junge Roemer” all of which was shot in New York city and a majority of the other music videos Falco made over the years with commentary from the directors who created them. (20:19)
3. “Falco Private” (Documentary) 1999: Shot at Falco’s home this documentary is aan in-depth interview with Falco regarding his life and his music. Faclo reveals the inspiration behind the video directionof the single “Wiener Blut” and a visit to his hacienda in the Dominican republic where Falco spent his last days. (6:22)
4. “Falco Talks” (Documentary) 1999: Falco discusses amonst other issues the “artificial figure”, “The Kick You Get From Writing”, “The Message”, ”America” and “Himself” (11:00)
5. Solid Gold 1986: Falco performs “Rock Me Amadeus”


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