Frankie Goes To Hollywood & Holly Johnson Video Archives 1984-2011 Volume I (2 Hours)


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1.    The Making of Band Aid (Documentary) 11/84: One edited segment with Bob Geldof and Holly John (Not the whole documentary)
2.    London Calling 12/84: FGTH sings a Chritmas carol.
3.    Saturday Night Live 1984: Introduction, Two Tribes and Born To Run (LIVE) (Historical FIRST US TV Debut Appearance EVER)
4.    MTV Commercial 12/84: ” Thank you them” appearance by Holly & Paul of FGTH
5.    The 4th Annual MTV’s New Year’s Rock ‘N Roll Ball 1985 12/31/84: Frankie performs: Two Tribes, Wish The Lads Were Here, Relax (with an on stage appearance from John Taylor and Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran) and later Interview with Holly Johnson
6.    Entertainment Tonight 1985: FGTH come to Hollywood and meet Gene Kelly
7.    MTV “Music of The 80’s” Special 1985: In-Depth interview with Holly Johnson & Paul regarding the meaning behind the lyrics of  FGTH’s songs
8.    The Montreaux Golden Rose Pop Festival 1985: Born to Run (Performance) & Interview with Holly Johnson
9.    Later with Jools Holland 1999: Opening, Holly Johnson is interviewed and later sings “Power Of Love” with Orchestra and loing segment with Holly
10.    VH1’s Where Are They Now? 1/99: Opening, “Coming Up” Teaser, Profile of FGTH and interview with Holly Johnson, Closing segment
11.    VH1 Classic “Flashback Segment” 06/22/03: Interview with Holly Johnson (circa 1984) discussing the inspiration behind the song  “Relax”
12.    VH1’s David Spade’s One Hit Wonderland 8/30/03: Profile of F.G.T.H. and a interview with Holly from the late 90’s
13.    VH1’s Bands Reunited 01/23/04: This documentary includes In-depth interviews and profile of FGTH as the host seeks out original members for a reunion concert in London, England. (45 Minutes)
14.    Ovation “Popular Song: Soundtrack Of The Century Modern Pop” 2001 (Recorded 5/29/05): Interview with  Holly John and Trevor Horn as they discuss the era that brought forth the song Relax
15. German TV Beat Club Laden (“Musik Laden”) 1984: Relax (Performance)
16. The 80’s Rewind Festival 2011 August: Holly Johnson Performs the classics “Relax (Don’t Do It) and “Two Tribes” LIVE



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