Gary Numan and Tubeway Army Music Video Anthology (2 DVD 3 Hours 30 Mins.)

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All music videos are official, COMPLETE, UNINTERRUPTED and all music videos are in the order that they were originally released. All song titles listed below are in fact music videos unless stated otherwise as live. This Collection totals FOURTY EXTREMELY RARE music videos and two interviews with Gary. The Bonus Material is a rare LIVE PERFORMANCE from 1981 and a documentary short and profile from 2003!

This DVD features a start up menu and has a total running time of nearly FOUR HOURS LONG!!! This is the most complete music video collection from start to finish in the world of GARY NUMAN not to mention the bonus segments listings below and it’s all exclusively available here at MVR. Take advantage of this unique collection and own yours today!

Gary Numan The Music Video Anthology Volume I of II

1. Tubeway Army: Praying To The Aliens
2. Airline
3. Down In The Park (Original Version 1)
4. Are ‘Friends’ Electric?
5. Cars
6. Complex
7. Metal
8. We Are Glass
9. I Die: You Die
10. This Wreckage
11. She’s Got Claws
12. Love Needs No Disguise
13. Music For Chameleons
14. We Take Mystery (To Bed)
15. We Take Mystery (To Bed) Performance
16. White Boys & Heroes Performance
17. Warriors
18. Berzerker
19. My Dying Machine
20. Sharpe and Numan: Change Your Mind
21. Your Fascination
22. Call Out The Dogs
23. Miracle
24. This Is Love
25. I Can’t Stop (Original Conceptual Version 1)
26. I Still Remember
27. New Thing From London Town
28. Radio Heart
29. Heart
30. Emotion

Gary Numan The Music Video Anthology Volume II of II

31. Machine & Soul
32. Like A Refugee
33. Dominion Day
34. Gary Numan with Fear Factory: Cars
35. RIP
36. Crazier
37. Cars (Information Window Version 2)
38. Down In The Park (Aternate Opening & Closing Version 2)
39. Cars (Pop Up Version 3)
40. Cars (Live in NYC) 1980 on Saturday Night Live


41. Where Are They Now? 98: Opening, Teaser & Documentary short, profile of Gary Numan from 1998
42. VH1’s One Hit Wonderland 8/30/03: Profile of Gary Numan and an interview from the late 90’s

This DVD Set totals nearly FOUR HOURS LONG. A fantastic must have DVD Collection for any Gary Numan devotee. Even if you own ALL prior music video collections you still would not have any near ALL the music videos available in this unique offer. Take the opportunity to add it to your collection today, makes a unique gift.

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2 reviews for Gary Numan and Tubeway Army Music Video Anthology (2 DVD 3 Hours 30 Mins.)

  1. Karen Delaney

    Excellent anthology. its so nice to have all the videos on one DVD set not to mention the videos that never played here in the US. This is a must if you are a Numan fan.

  2. Sam Warren (verified owner)

    I was very excited to find this 2 DVD Set. Being that I am American, I was never able to see most of the music videos Gary released. This collection contains 30 videos, ranging from the early part of his electronic career to his eclectic experiments like the moody nuances of “Music for Chameleons” and “White Boys” and “Heroes” and his dance floor fare like “I Can’t Stop” and his collaboration with Bill Sharpe, “Change Your Mind”. The quality is quite good, with the one exception being “This Wreckage”, which appears to be from his 1981 farewell concert at Wembley and that video is inferior to most of what appears in this compilation. The menu doesn’t allow you to go directly to a particular song, but does advance at 5 minutes intervals that’s a minor quibble considering the fact that you can’t find these videos anywhere else. The devoted fan will be as excited as I was to have them at last. The double DVD Set come in a plastic case, making it easy to file with your other CDs.

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