GENESIS The Music Video Anthology 2 DVD Set with BONUS Behind The Music Remastered Documentary (Phil Collins)


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Genesis The Music Video Anthology Volume I of II

1. “No Son Of Mine”
2. “I Can’t Dance”
3. “Hold On My Heart”
4. “Jesus He Knows Me”
5. “Tell Me Why”
6. “Invisible Touch”
7. “Throwing It All Away”
8. “Land Of Confusion”
9. “Tonight Tonight Tonight”
10. “Anything She Does”
11. “In Too Deep”
12. “That’s All”
13. “Mama”
14. “Illegal Alien”
15. “Home By The Sea/ Second Home By The Sea”
16. “Paperlate”
17. “Abacab
18. “Keep It Dark”
19. “No Reply At All”
20. “Man On The Corner”
21. “Turn It On Again”
22. “Duchess”
23. “Misunderstanding”

Genesis The Music Video Anthology Volume II of II

24. “Follow You Follow Me”
25. “Many Too Many” **
26. “A Trick Of The Tail”
27. “Ripples” **
28. “Robbery, Assault And Battery”
29. “Congo”
30. “Shipwrecked”
31. “Not About Us”
32. “The Carpet Crawlers 1999”

BONUS Feature

33. VH1 Classic’s Behind The Music Remastered 02/20/10: A slightly re-edited and updated version of the original BTM Episode that originally aired on VH1 back in 1999 (Perfect quality with all commercials edited out)

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