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DESCRIPTION: This two-part documentary examines the ripple effect after the news broke of the singer’s arrest in the US and how US culture reacted to this news and how in many ways differently the UK responded to George’s homosexuality. “Two historic questions dominate the front pages of our great national newspapers,” said a news anchor in 1998. “One is: will there finally be peace in Northern Ireland? Two is: what exactly was George Michael doing to himself in a Beverly Hills loo?” Using never before EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST AUDIO of the singer discussing the controversy privately amongst family and friends. Incredibly insightful as we see it aside of George Michael that we’ve never seen before. Also included are interviews with his former partner, Kenny Goss, and the journalists who outed him in the homophobic tabloid press, this two-part documentary relates how Michael’s arrest for a “lewd act” was a landmark moment for queer politics.

Episode 1 Part 1 of 2 Air Date 03/06/23: The first episode looks back at George Michael’s early career and explores the reasons he felt he had to remain in the closet (among them WHAM’s huge female fanbase). This episode begins with Kenny Goss touring his home and discussing his very first date with George Michael with great intimacy. Probably at a level of detail that has never been seen on camera before. In 1998, pop star George Michael was arrested for a lewd act in a Los Angeles public toilet. This is the story of how his response to a potentially career-crushing event changed history. It’s important to know that this documentary really discusses what George Michael went through in depth about his forcible coming out as gay man through detailed segments about the social and cultural climate of the UK in the late 90s regarding homosexuality. It’s for this reason this documentary like no other really demonstrates not only what George went through but how he went through it due to the culture of the UK and the US at that time. Features interviews with Holly Johnson of Frankie Goes To Hollywood and George’s cousin.

Duration: 46 Minutes 36 Seconds


Episode 2 (Part 2 of 2) Air Date 03/07/23: The second part covers how the popstar announced his sexuality to the world. After his arrest, George Michael turned the PR playbook on its head – coming out on TV’s CNN. Included are several segments from that historic interview. This episode goes into great detail by interviewing not only the press affiliate for the Los Angeles police department making the official announcement that was heard around the world but also through the paparazzi who followed him. One story never put into a documentary about George Michael it is about how a paparazzi shot him at the infamous public bathroom in the park a month prior to the actual incident where he got caught. Interview with that paparazzi along with the photographs he took. The documentary also discusses George’s reasons behind the release of the video for “Outside” celebrating gay hook – ups dressed as a police officer in Los Angeles. Interview with Olly Alexander

Duration: 46 Minutes 40 Seconds

TOTAL RUNNING TIME: Parts 1 and 2: 1 Hour 33 Minutes

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