George Michael & WHAM: Video Archives 2016 Volume XII (“You Have Been Loved Documentary 2016”)


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George Michael You Have Been Loved 2016: Tribute to the greatest singer, songwriter and performer George Michael. You have been loved, George. n the first part documentary, from about 7:19 and a bit later, the presentation of the 90’s by that presenter/journalist is typically US-centric GM-ignorant, with pretty much only the 1998 incident included.

Even with perfectly good intentions, it’s frustrating sometimes to discover that lack of knowledge time and time again. In the rest of the (Western?) world George Michael’s 90’s will be remembered mainly (mostly?) as the decade that he released his two masterpiece albums, to great success. Even if not in the same level as Faith, and yes, even if unsuccessful in America itself.

Documentary includes many different interviews over the years but most notably his interview in 2007 about his upcoming Wembley Stadium concert preparations. In this interview he discusses his legendary performance at the 1992 Freddie Mercury Tribute concert. Some scenes from the backstage rehearsals of the Freddie Mercury tribute show with David Bowie looking on as he rehearsal and are EXTREMELY RARE  “Somebody to Love. Later in the program a live performance of”Freedom ’90” at the 2007 Wembley concert in from of 75,000 fans.

Having said that still worthy of a view as some details are unearthed for the first time here 1 Hr 12 Mins (incomplete)

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