George Michael & WHAM: Video Archives 2017-2018 Volume XVI


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  1. How It Really Happened Season 2 Episode 6 11/19/17: George Michaels life as international superstar comes to mysteriously tragic end on Christmas Eve 2016, family and friends were shocked by the sender. This documentary includes an assortment of not only vintage interviews from various sources over the years of George Michael but also some of the actual news reports of his passing. This documentary goes in depth into exactly how George passed on a faithful day.
  2. George Michael: Cashed Out 11/28/18: George Michael was an English pop music phenomenon and sex symbol who rose to fame as a member of the music duo Wham! However, staying at the top wasn’t easy. George Michael’s private life was revealed to the world when he was arrested for engaging in a lewd sexual act with a male police officer in Beverly Hills in 1998. The man that women around the world lusted after would eventually be forced out of the closet, and what followed was a public career and personal life filled with turbulence. Drug dependency, depression, paralysing grief, legal battles with his record company and even a brush with death would ultimately set the star far back from the spotlight. In 2016, Michael’s life would ultimately come to an end when his lover Fadi Fawaz discovered the singer dead in their UK manor from sudden heart failure. Over his 40-year career, George Michael had amassed a fortune in excess of $128 million dollars. Yet without a will in place, the controversies of the late celebrity wouldn’t end with his death. While he had been quietly donating millions to charity throughout his life, Michael’s estate and fortune would be left in question, as his relatives speculated whether or not his death was due to foul play.

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