George Michael & WHAM: Video Archives 2018-2019 Volume XVII


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  1. George Michael: The Price of Fame 07/28/19: Spotlighting George Michael, one of the best-selling music artists of all time. George Michael briefly outsold musical giants such as Madonna, Prince and even Michael Jackson. However, struggles with his recording label and personal life dampened his iconic legacy after he was caught soliciting sex from an undercover officer at a rest stop, outing his homosexuality. His life would unfortunately be cut short at 53 years of age, with the exact cause still being debated to this day.
  2. Autopsy: The Last Hours of George Michael 06/03/18: “George Michael’s Lonely Life” George Michael, one of the most brilliant performer of his generation; in a career spanning 35 years, his talent for creating enduring music leads him to become one of the greatest recording artist of all time; A world-wide super star selling over 100 million albums. He started pop group Wham! with his childhood friend Andrew Ridgeley in the 1980s then continued to have solo success with a career that spanned four decades. He was adored by millions and yet he died alone on Christmas Day 2016. His extraordinary life was marred by contradictions – from soaring highs to crashing lows. In the last ten years of his life, George Michael became more known for run-ins with the press and the law than he did for his music. So what tipped him over the edge? At one point in the documentary a clip is shown of him being asked  “Are you gay??” point blank as the first question in a television interview. Seeing his extremely shocked look at being asked such a question is extremely painful to watch, as was his response saying no, he wasn’t. George Michael was a true talent and his premature death robbed the world of a brilliant man. His legacy will live on, through his music, and these documentaries help to illuminate the darker side of fame and the destructive nature of both depression and celebrity.

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