THREE 1980s Goth Documentaries: ‘Riverside’ Halloween Special 10/31/84: The Batcave, Devilles Night Club in Manchester 1983 and “Northern Lights” 1983: Documentary short on Goth


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1. BBC’s Riverside Halloween Special 10/31/84: Documentary short on The Batcave featuring psychedelic overview by Batcave DJ Hamish. Ok, before the word goth was ever used, it was a documentary on the then culturally important and infamous London haunt The Batcave. The first club to really celebrate alternate dance music. The Vincent Price/William Castle inserts are cheesy as hell, but there’s some great footage of Alien Sex Fiend performing live to make up for it. Batcave’s original DJ Hamish who says: Oh yes, 1983, when the media were all trying to figure out what came after punk…. Remember that the Batcave was born of punks and glam rockers, trannies, psychos and people turned away from other clubs – we let anyone in, trainers or no trainers, businessmen and dustmen, strippers and nuns….

Running Time 8 Minutes 10 Seconds

2. Devilles Night Club in Manchester United Kingdom 1983: This documentary covers a night out at Manchester’s Devilles in 1983. 30 years on we finally managed to get this video on DVD here at MVR. Devilles was a real regular club night. One night club attendee recalls: “I even had my own reserved table and if someone ignored the reserved sign as often happened, one word to the manager and he got the bouncers to move them LOL. Oh and if it was very hot in the club, he would bring over a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket, oh the heady days of the 1980’s, gone but not forgotten!

Features the songs : Sex Gang Children-Sebastiane, Clash-Radio Clash, SOM-Alice, Killing Joke and Bauhaus-Dark Entries

Running Time 39 Minutes 11 Seconds

3. BBC’s  North East Leeds program “Northern Lights” 1983: Documentary short on Goth featuring Steve Dixon’s “PUNK PIX” and rare footage of LEEDS UK Goth Night Club. Features music from Virgin Prunes

Running Time 9 Minutes 07 Seconds


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