GREEN DAY Video Archives 1994-1995 DVD VOLUME I (2 DVD Set)


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1. The 1994 MTV Video Music Awards 9/94: “Armatage Shanks” (LIVE) (2:32)
2. Woodstock ’94 8/94: This incredible live set finds the band one on one with the crowd in a mud fight during the last song, classic. Songs include: “Welcome to Paradise”, “Basket Case”, “When I Come Around” and “Paper Lanterns” (18:19)
3. Saturday Night Live 12/03/94: Opening, “When I Come Around”, “Geek Stink Breath” and Closing Segment (7:34)
4. Woodstock ’94 8/94: “When I Come Around” (LIVE) (Official Live Music Video) (3:07)
5. MTV Music News 12/09/94: Green Day teaser clip, Year of 1994 for the band, Live clips from Nassau Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York (November 2, 1994) and Interview with Billie Joe Armstrong on keeping concert ticket prices affordable, punk music, interview with the fans and clip of “When I Com e Around” (Music Video) (4:21)
6. MTV Music News 12/09/94: Vinyl record sales increases, Interview with Mike Dirnt and Billie Joe Armstrong (3:18)
7. MTV Week In Rock 12/09/94: Ending Credits with Green Day Live at Nassau Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York (November 2, 1994) (:47)
8. MTV’s 120 Minutes 12/11/94: Interview with Green Day and WORLD PREMIERE of “When I Come Around” (Music Video) (4:35)
9. MTV’s “Green Day Jaded in Chicago” Live Concert 12/13/94: Commercial (Version 1) (:30)
10. MTV’s “Green Day Jaded in Chicago” Live Concert 12/15/94: Commercial (Version 2) (:30)
11. MTV’s “Green Day Jaded in Chicago” Live Concert 12/15/94: Promo before the show, Opening, Recorded LIVE in Chicago, IL at The Aradon Ballroom on Friday November 18, 1994 during the “Dookie Tour”. Full length Concert some of the songs included are “Chump”, “Longview”, “Burn Out”, “Coming Clean”, “When I Come Around”, “Welcome to Paradise”, “2,000 Light Years Away”, “Basket Case”, “All By Myself”, “F.O.D.”, “Christy Road”, “She”, and more!!!, (All commercials Edited Out) (45:22)
12. MTV Music News 1/19/95: Dookie Charts at Number #2 and Interview with Billie Joe Armstrong about keeping up with the success of the band (:57)
13. The History of Rock ‘n Roll 3/12/95: “Coming Up Next” Clip with Green Day Live and the actual segment includes Live footage of “Longview” and Interview with Billie Joe Armstrong (2:39)
14. The 1995 MTV Video Music Awards 9/07/95: Green Day live via satellite from Stockholm, Sweden perform “Stuck with Me” (2:54)
15. MTV’s “Green Day Premiere Special” 9/21/95: Includes Live footage, Interviews with Green Day from various times in 1994. The band discusses starting out, early days, playing Woodstock ’94 and music videos for “Longview” (10:35)
16. MTV Music News 10/16/95: Interview with Mike Dirnt, Tre Cool and Billie Joe Armstrong about new LP “Insomniac” and the success of “Dookie”. Also included is live footage from the Reading Festival in Reading, England on August 25, 1995 (3:51)
17. MTV News “Green Day Raw” Special 11/01/95: a special on MTV News recorded in Berkley, CA on October of 1995. Included is an in-depth interview raw, meaning little or no editing airing on TV just the way it was recorded with out takes, mistakes and awkward moments with all the members of Green Day. (23:13)
18. The Late Show with David Letterman 11/08/95: “86” (LIVE) (3:07)
19. MTV Music News 11/27/95: Billie Joe arrested for indecent exposure during “Insomniac” Tour in Milwaukee at “The Mecca”. Tre Cool comments via phone interview on the incident. Green Day Interview about playing larger venues on this tour. Recorded at the Cabo Arena in Detroit, MI (11/16/95) (7:28)


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