Green Day The ULTIMATE Video Archives 1993-2021 (15 DVD Set 29 Hours) Includes Live Performances, In-Depth Interviews and Documentaries

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Green Day Video Archives 1993-2015 (15 DVD Set 29 Hours) Please note photo for this item shows only a portion of the DVDs you will receive. Actual total count of DVDs with this item total FIFTEEN individual DVDs

This DVD Set of Green Day breaks down to only $7.86 per DVD versus the individual cost per DVD Volume of either $15.00 or $18.00 per DVD. Total INDIVIDUAL price to purchase all seperatley would be $213.00. Purchase the entire set with this special offer of ONLY $138.00 and you save $75.00 (plus a savings on shipping) by buying the comprehensive FIFTEEN DVD Set at once. An undeniable deal and ONLY offered here at MVR

Footage consists of mostly segments from the USA and Canada. A REAL FIND for anyone, ESPECIALLY any GREEN DAY Collector outside the USA and Canada as these DVDs have never been seen in Europe nor were the TWENTY NINE HOURS ever been available on DVD before now. This Video Archives Collection shows the progression as well as the evolution of the band from as early as 1996 all the way up to the bands recent efforts in 2015. The following track listing is complete and includes specific show titles, air dates and content for each and every segment though out the entire fifteen DVD Set, they include:

GREEN DAY Video Archives 1994-1995 Volume I (2 DVD Set)

1. The 1994 MTV Video Music Awards 9/94: “Armatage Shanks” (LIVE) (2:32)
2. Woodstock ’94 8/94: This incredible live set finds the band one on one with the crowd in a mud fight during the last song, classic. Songs include: “Welcome to Paradise”, “Basket Case”, “When I Come Around” and “Paper Lanterns” (18:19)
3. Saturday Night Live 12/03/94: Opening, “When I Come Around”, “Geek Stink Breath” and Closing Segment (7:34)
4. Woodstock ’94 8/94: “When I Come Around” (LIVE) (Official Live Music Video) (3:07)
5. MTV Music News 12/09/94: Green Day teaser clip, Year of 1994 for the band, Live clips from Nassau Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York (November 2, 1994) and Interview with Billie Joe Armstrong on keeping concert ticket prices affordable, punk music, interview with the fans and clip of “When I Com e Around” (Music Video) (4:21)
6. MTV Music News 12/09/94: Vinyl record sales increases, Interview with Mike Dirnt and Billie Joe Armstrong (3:18)
7. MTV Week In Rock 12/09/94: Ending Credits with Green Day Live at Nassau Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York (November 2, 1994) (:47)
8. MTV’s 120 Minutes 12/11/94: Interview with Green Day and WORLD PREMIERE of “When I Come Around” (Music Video) (4:35)
9. MTV’s “Green Day Jaded in Chicago” Live Concert 12/13/94: Commercial (Version 1) (:30)
10. MTV’s “Green Day Jaded in Chicago” Live Concert 12/15/94: Commercial (Version 2) (:30)
11. MTV’s “Green Day Jaded in Chicago” Live Concert 12/15/94: Promo before the show, Opening, Recorded LIVE in Chicago, IL at The Aradon Ballroom on Friday November 18, 1994 during the “Dookie Tour”. Full length Concert some of the songs included are “Chump”, “Longview”, “Burn Out”, “Coming Clean”, “When I Come Around”, “Welcome to Paradise”, “2,000 Light Years Away”, “Basket Case”, “All By Myself”, “F.O.D.”, “Christy Road”, “She”, and more!!!, (All commercials Edited Out) (45:22)
12. MTV Music News 1/19/95: Dookie Charts at Number #2 and Interview with Billie Joe Armstrong about keeping up with the success of the band (:57)
13. The History of Rock ‘n Roll 3/12/95: “Coming Up Next” Clip with Green Day Live and the actual segment includes Live footage of “Longview” and Interview with Billie Joe Armstrong (2:39)
14. The 1995 MTV Video Music Awards 9/07/95: Green Day live via satellite from Stockholm, Sweden perform “Stuck with Me” (2:54)
15. MTV’s “Green Day Premiere Special” 9/21/95: Includes Live footage, Interviews with Green Day from various times in 1994. The band discusses starting out, early days, playing Woodstock ’94 and music videos for “Longview” (10:35)
16. MTV Music News 10/16/95: Interview with Mike Dirnt, Tre Cool and Billie Joe Armstrong about new LP “Insomniac” and the success of “Dookie”. Also included is live footage from the Reading Festival in Reading, England on August 25, 1995 (3:51)
17. MTV News “Green Day Raw” Special 11/01/95: a special on MTV News recorded in Berkley, CA on October of 1995. Included is an in-depth interview raw, meaning little or no editing airing on TV just the way it was recorded with out takes, mistakes and awkward moments with all the members of Green Day. (23:13)
18. The Late Show with David Letterman 11/08/95: “86” (LIVE) (3:07)
19. MTV Music News 11/27/95: Billie Joe arrested for indecent exposure during “Insomniac” Tour in Milwaukee at “The Mecca”. Tre Cool comments via phone interview on the incident. Green Day Interview about playing larger venues on this tour. Recorded at the Cabo Arena in Detroit, MI (11/16/95) (7:28)


GREEN DAY Video Archives 1996-1998 VOLUME II

1. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 2/22/96: Teaser, introduction and “Brain Stew” Live and closing segment with Green Day (5:12)
2. MTV Music News 3/28/96: Cancellation (in part) of European Tour. Interview with Green Day discussing the non-stop pace of the band since “Dookie” (1:07)
3. MTV’s Best of 120 Minutes 3/31/96: “Chump” LIVE from March 20, 1994 in studio performance (3:21)
4. MTV’s 120 Minutes 10th Anniversary Show : “A Decade on the Edge” 3/31/96: Opening, Interview with Billie Joe Armstrong discussing early Alternative music and favorite videos. Also included is an early interview from 1994 (2:36)
5. MTV Week In Rock 4/5/96: “Weekly Rewind Segment” Billie Joe comments jokingly on the reunion of the Sex Pistols (:20)
6. Saturday Night Special 5/18/96: Opening, teaser “Walking Contradiction” (LIVE) (6:11)
7. The Pinfield Suite 10/14/97: In-depth interview with Green Day discussing to new LP “Nimrod” (5:11)
8. The Late Show with David Letterman 10/97: “Hitchin’ A Ride” (LIVE) (3:15)
9. MTV 120 Minutes 11/30/97: Green Day show ID for 120 Minutes (:15)
10. MTV’s Live from the 10 Spot 1/98: Live at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, CA. Full Length Concert. Some of the songs included are “Nice Guys Finish Last”, “Hitchin’ A Ride”, Geek Stink Breath, “Welcome to Paradise”, “Longview”, ” Brain Stew”, “She”, “Redundant”, “Basket Case”, “When I Come Around”, “Time of Your Life (Good Riddance)” (43:47)
11. The Late Show with David Letterman 1/98: “Time of Your Life (Good Riddance)” (Acoustic Version with String Section LIVE) (4:05)
12. MTV’s Fanatic 5/98: Ultimate Fan meets Green Day and interviews them (9:27)
13. HBO Special 6/98: “When I Come Around” (LIVE), Billie takes off his pants and Tre sets his drums on fire and “Time of Your Life (Good Riddance)” (LIVE) (12:50) TOTAL RUNNING TIME 2 HOURS

GREEN DAY Video Archives 1998-2001 VOLUME III

1. The 1998 MTV Video Music Awards “Opening Act” 9/98: Interview with Green Day
2. The 1998 MTV Video Music Awards 9/98: Green Day win “Best Alternative Video” Award with acceptance speech
3. The 1998 MTV Video Music Awards “Wrap Up Show” 9/98: Interview with Green Day and Tre Cool climbs the Universal Globe outside the award show (classic)
4. MTV’s House of Style: “V.M.A. Edition” 9/98: Interview with Green Day (Segments. 1 through 4 – TRT: 18 Mins)
5. 10/14/2000: Majority (LIVE), Interview Nice Guys Finish Last (LIVE)
6. MTV Concert “Green Day Live W/O Warning!” 10/19/2000: Live at the Valley “6” Drive-in Auburn, Washington – Full length concert: Majority, Title Unknown, Hitchin’ A Ride, Geek Stink Breath, Longview, Welcome to Paradise, Dancing with Myself (Billy Idol Cover), (Billy Joe gets audience members from the audience to play thy song), Blitzkrieg Bob (Ramones Cover), Basket Case, She, Title Unknown, When I Come Around, 2,000 Light Years Away and Tre Cool destroys his drum kit (43:44)
7. VH1 Behind the Music 6/2001: Documentary on Green Day In-depth interviews and rarely seen concert footage (43:15) ALL COMMERCIALS EDITED OUT
8. VH1 25 Years of Punk 7/2001: Green Day are profiled and interviewed (3:37)
9. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 11/2001: GD LIVE

GREEN DAY Video Archives 2001-2002 VOLUME IV

1. VH1’s Ultimate Albums 3/18/02: Green Day’s “Dookie” Album is profiled (Documentary) (42:00)
2. Trio Network Green Day Live In Concert 3/19/02: Green Day performs live in Canada (from 2000) in support of the “Warning” LP song include Minority, Church On Sunday, Warning, included is an in-depth live interview with the band, more live songs include Cast Away, Waiting, Geek Stink Breath, Longview and another interview with the band. More live songs include Nice Guys Finish Last, Hitchin’ A Ride, She, Far Away (47:33)
3. The 2002 17 th Annual Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 3/24/02: The Ramones are inducted and Green Day performs songs from The Ramones “Teenage Lobotomy” and “Blitzkrieg Bop”
4. MTV2 Artists Favorites 2001: Green Day host an hour and play their favorite music videos and explain why they chose the specific videos. This segment contains only the scenes with Green Day. All commercials and music videos are edited out.


GREEN DAY Video Archives 2004-2005 VOLUME V

1. Time To Wake Up : The Making Of ‘American Idiot’ 10/2004: Behind The scenes in the recording studio and in-depth interviews with the entire band discussing the lyrical direction of the new LP. Also included are various live performances (22 Minutes)
2. Sessions @ AOL 10/2004: Intervirew and the following songs live: American Idiot, Jesus Of Suburbia, Interview, Holiday/Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (20 Minutes)
3. VH1’s Big In ’04 12/06/04: Teaser with Green Day, Live American Idiot & closing segment with Bill Joe
4. The 2004 Billboard Music Awards 12/08/04: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams LIVE
5. The Making Of Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 12/2004: Documentary including interviews with the band and the Director
6. Access Fuse 2/05: Interview with Billy Joe regarding the Grammy nominations
7. The 47th Annual Grammy Awards 02/13/05: Green Day win for “Best Rock Album” and perform American Idiot LIVE
8. Showtime’s Rock Profiles 06/26/05: In-depth interview (with the entire band)/documentary of the entire history of Green Day 28 Minutes


GREEN DAY Video Archives 2005 VOLUME VI

1. VH1 Storytellers 04/02/05: Green Day discuss the inspirations behind the songs and play live the following songs including others: American Idiot, Jesus Of Surburbia, Holiday, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Are We The Waitng, The Death of St. Jimmy, Give Me Novacaine, She’s A Rebel, Extraordinary Girl, City Of The Damned, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Homecoming, Rock And Roll Girlfriend, & LIVE
2. LIVE 8 07/02/05: From Berlin introduction then American Idiot, American Idiot CD Commercial, We Are The Champions
3. Saturday Night Live 2005: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams & Holiday Closing segment
4. Vh1’s 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock 08/05: Green Day at #80
5. FUSE TV Green Day Live At Irving Plaza New York City 2004: Holiday, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, St. Jimmy, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Brain Stew, Jaded


GREEN DAY Video Archives 2005-2006 VOLUME VII

1. VH1 Driven 2004: In-Depth interview with GD and documentary of the history of the birth of Green Day through archival footage and interviews (44 Minutes)
2. The 2005 MTV Video Music Awards Pre-Show 8/28/05: GD arrive in car from Boulevard Of Broken Dreams music video and is interviewed and exclusive clip of the upcoming live DVD in November.
3. The 2005 MTV Video Music Awards 8/28/05: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams LIVE. Show opening, GD win the following awards: “Best Rock Video” for Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, “Viewer’s Choice Award” for American Idiot, “Best Video Of The Year” for Boulevard Of Broken Dreams.
4. NFL Opening Kickoff 2005 09/08/05: Opening, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Live from Foxboro
5. Shelter from The Storm A Concert For The Gulf Coast 09/09/05: Wake Me Up When September Ends is used as backing music for a donation segment
6. React Now: Music & Relief 09/10/05: Introduction by Jon Stewart then Wake Me Up When September Ends LIVE
7. The 25th Annual Brit Awards 10/29/05: GD perform American Idiot
8. The 2005 MTV Europe Music Awards 11/ 11/05: Green Day win “Best Rock Award” with acceptance speech then performance of Holiday LIVE
9. VH1’s Big In 05 Awards 12/04/05: Green Day accept “Big Music Artist” and acceptance speech from Green Day
10. The 2005 Billboard Music Awards 12/06/05: Green Day perform Holiday, Billy Joe presents the “Century Award” to Tom Petty. Later Green Day receive “Modern Rock Artist Of The Year”
11. The 32nd Annual People’s Choice Awards 01/10/06: Green Day win “Favorite Group” Award and acceptance speech by Green Day


GREEN DAY Video Archives 2005-2009 VOLUME VIII

1. FUSE TV Live At Fuse Studios Green Day Comp’d 12/02/05: St. Jimmy, Minority, Are We The Waiting, Welcome To Paradise, Homecoming, Christie Road, Letterbomb, I Fought The Law (Cover), Give Me Novacaine, Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
2. The 48th Annual Grammy Awards 02/08/06: Billy Joe presents award for Best Rock Album and Green Day win for Best Record Of The Year and acceptance speech
3. VH1 Classic Decades Rock Live Honors Elvis Costello and The Imposters 07/2006: Opening, Interview witrh Billy Joe, then Billy Joe joins Elvis Costello on stage for Wake Me Up When September Ends. Then Billy performs a duet acoustic versions of Time Of Your Life & Alyson with Elvis Costello. Interview continues with Billy Joe & Costello. Billy covers a classic Costello tune. Later Billy Joe performs a full out performance of Basket Case, Radio!, Radio! And Pump It Up with Elvis Costello. Interview continues with Elvis and Billy. Then Billy joins Elvis on stage for Really Got A Hold On Me. Interview continues with Elvis and Billy Joe. The finale of the Costello classic Peace, Love and Understanding with Billy Joe on acoustic Guitar.
4. ESPN Monday Night Football Atlanta Falcons vs. The New Orleans Saints 9/25/06: Edge joins Green Day for Wake Me Up When September Ends. Green Day with The Edge of U2 performs a cover of The House Of The Rising Sun joined by Bono, Larry and Adam. After a blistering set U2 and Green Day perform Beautiful day with a slight change of lyrics to suit the reopening of the Louisiana Superdome since the hurricane.
5. American Idol 2008: Green Day perform John Lennon’s classic Working Class Hero Live
6. The Grammy Awards 02/2009: Green Day Announce winner for “Producer of the Year” and present award for “Album Of The Year” to Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

GREEN DAY Video Archives 2009 VOLUME IX

1.    Saturday Night Live 5/16/09: Opening, Know Your Enemy and 21 Guns from new LP 21st Century Breakdown. Skit with Green Day and cast of SNL then Closing segment with GD
2.    Good Morning America 5/22/09: Green Day perform as part of the GMA’s Summer Concert Series. GD perform Longview, teaser including Waiting, then Know Your Enemy LIVE later Green Day are interviewed live on stage. Green Day then perform American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown
3.    Late Show with David Lettermen 5/22/09: Green Day perform one song live from the new LP 21st Century Breakdown
4.    CBS Sunday Morning 5/24/09: Opening, This is the first time Green Day have appeared on this early morning program. In-Depth interview with all members and profile of the bands history. It includes new interview strictly for this show as well as live footage from the recent tour. See Volume X segment #10 for a second version of this appearance with different portions of the interview and more on the American Idiot Broadway play.
5.    The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien 6/2/09: Introduction by Conan then Green Day perform Know Your Enemy LIVE just before the opening of the American Leg of their world tour. Later Billy Joe is briefly interviewed.
6.    Last Call with Carson Daly 6/11/9: Part 2 of 3 Interview with Billy Joe and then Green Day perform 21 Guns LIVE
7.    Last Call with Carson Daly 6/12/9: Part 2 of 3 Introduction by Carson Daly and then TV World Premiere of Murder City LIVE. Later the entire band is interviewed and then 21st Century Breakdown LIVE.
8.    Fuse TV “Green Day All Day” 7/11/9: In Depth In-Studio interview with the entire band set through out various GD videos. The first video appears to be a music video for Welcome To Paradise from the Dookie LP. Hard to say if it is officially a music video as it is performed on stage but performed to the audio track from the Dookie LP. Interview continues then the video for Longview. More of the interview and followed by I Walk Alone music video. Interview continues with the video for Basket Case. Interview continues then the video for American Idiot. Interview with the band is followed by the music video for Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life). Interview continues and then the new video Know Your Enemy.

Running Time One Hour Fifty Eight Minutes
Includes Menu and chapter stops for EACH Segment complete with thumb nails on the menu

GREEN DAY Video Archives 2009-2010 VOLUME X

1.    MTV Video Music Awards Preshow 9/14/09: Interview with Green Day
2.    MTV Video Music Awards  9/14/09: Jack Black introduces the Best Rock Video Award Green Day win and included is their acceptance speech. Then GD perform East Jesus Nowhere
3.    A&E Biography (Documentary) 10/01/09: A fresh look at the band with vintage  interviews with all members for this in-depth DOCUMENTARY.  Included are photos of the band as children as A& E sweeps through their childhood right up to present day. Also included are early recording of Billy Joe as a child, pretty funny stuff. Formed in Rodeo, California, when the members were only 14, Green Day has always struggled to stay on the razor’s edge between punk credibility and mega-platinum success. That struggle led to exhaustion in 1996, a cancelled tour and a questionable future. The question was answered with the release of “Nimrod,” in 1997, which spawned the top 10 single “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).” The release of the self-described punk rock opera, “American Idiot,” in 2004 cemented their place in rock history.
4.    UKTV BBC’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross  11/07/09: Green Day and actor Christopher Walken join a celebrity guessing game. Pretty funny stuff for English Then GD perform East Jesus Nowhere Interview witth the entire band
5.    Grammy Awards 01/31/10: Green Day along with the future Broadway cast of American Idiot perform 21 Guns LIVE
6.    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 4/18/10: In-depth interview with GD regarding the new Broadway play debuting in New York City on April 20th 2010 American Idiot. Mention of new “Rock Band” Video Game on XBox 360 to be released in June 2010.
7.    MTV2 Green Day Rocks Broadway: American Idiot 4/17/10: Footage of band and Broadway cast rehearsals and interviews with the band along with the cast of the Broadway show. Documentary includes the official commercial for the Broadway show “American Idiot” other then that all commercials are edited out.
8.    The 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards 11/05/09: From Berlin Germany, Green Day performs LIVE
9.    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 5/11/10: Green Day performs Rip This Joint as a tribute to a week long tribute to the Rolling Stones
10.    CBS Sunday Morning 06/06/10: This is Green Day’s second appearance on the program. This is a segment that originally aired (in part) back in May 24 2009 and has been re-edited with NEW portions of the interview with the band that was NOT included in the first broadcast. This segment Green Day is profiled then interview with the band discussing their involvement with their Broadway play “American Idiot. Original version of this profile/interview can be seen on Segment #4 from Volume IX. Both segments are different then each other. A basic re-edit with different interview sections and a focus on the Broadway play and the recent Tony award nominations.
11. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 07/30/10: Opening, Green Day perform Last of The American Girls during their East Coast visit of there Summer leg of the tour.

GREEN DAY Video Archives 2010            VOLUME XI

1. Sundance Live From Abbey Road 03/19/10: Green Day perform live at Abbey Road Studios in London, England. Live performances include 21st Century Breakdown
2. MTV World Stage 1/23/10: Opening with GD profile and then performs in Munich Germany at Olympia Halles during their 2009 World Tour in November 2009. Songs include 21st Century Breakdown, Know Your Enemy, East Jesus Nowhere, Holiday, When I Come Around, Basket Case, 21 Guns. American Idiot and Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).
3. Stand Up 2 Cancer Special 09/10/10: Billy Joe performs solo singing “Wake Me Up when September Ends” live in Culver City at Sony Studios in California.
4. Jimmy Kimmel Live 09/14/10: Green Day performs live Last of The American Girls with the Broadway cast of “American Idiot” at The Bud Light Stage in New Meadowlands Stadium.
5. Official Commercial for “American Idiot” Broadway Show 09/10:  Short interview with Billy Joe Armstrong.
6. VH1 Classic’s Behind The Music “Remastered” Green Day 12/11/10: Original Episode that aired in June of 2001 is re-edited to include NEW coverage of the bands career since 2001. Contains NEW footage and interviews NOT in the original episode and the original episode contains footage NOT seen here in this new “remastered” version. See Volume III for the original broadcast of this episode and own BOTH for a complete documentary of the band.
7. MTV Video Music Awards Official Commercial 08/2012: Commercial Features Green Day in a funny skit with VMA Host Kevin Hart
8. MTV Video Music Awards 09/07/12: Opening, Kevin Hart introduces Emma Watson who then introduces Green Day live in the middle of the floor of the Arena singing what will probably be their next single entitled “Let Yourself Go”

GREEN DAY Video Archives 2010-2012        VOLUME XII

1. Lollapalooza 2010 LIVE August 6-8 2010 at Grand Park, Chicago, IL USA. Green Day performs Know Your Enemy and Boulevard of Broken Dreams
2 .The 2012 Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 04/05/12: Opening Green Day perform a new song. Later Green Day induct Guns ‘N Roses to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Later in the program Billy Joe and the rest of Green Day join Red Hot Chili Peppers on stage for their last song (“Higher Ground”) during their tribute live performance of the band.
3. VMA Commercial 08/17/12: Featuring Green Day with Comediam Kevin Heart.
4. America’s Got Talent Finale 09/13/12: Opening with mention of green Day. Later host Nick Cannon introduces Green Day LIVE performing “Oh Love” along with a brief interview with the band on stage.
5. The 2nd Annual 2012 I Heart Radio Music Festival 10/01/12: Opening includes Green Day, teaser for GD in “coming up” segment, Green Day perform “American Idiot” then there is footage of Billy Joe’s explosion on stage just after he makes his comments about theprogram that didn’t air
6. Quatro! 11/29/12: premiere highlights from their documentary ¡Quatro! on VH1. ¡Quatro! pulls back the curtain and takes fans inside the world of Green Day, from the various spontaneous live performances in select cities across the U.S. to the chronicling of their creative process while conceptualizing and recording their current trilogy of albums: Green Day ¡Uno!, Green Day ¡Dos!, Green Day ¡Tré! ¡Quatro! will premiere on VH1 on Wednesday, November 28th, followed by airings on MTV2 during 120 Minutes on November 30th and on Palladia the same day. ¡Quatro! is directed by Tim Wheeler and produced by Tim Lynch for Farm League. “Over the last year while we were recording our trilogy, we posted multiple clips every week so fans can see parts of the recording process of ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré!,” said Green Day’s Mike Dirnt. “¡Quatro! brings our fans one step closer by giving them even more access and revealing what it was like for us to make these records.

GREEN DAY Video Archives 2013-2014 VOLUME XIII

1. The 2014 52nd Annual Grammy Awards 01/26/14: Billy joe performs with Miranda Lambert during the Memorium segment with the song “When Will I Be Loved”

2. Green Day American Idiot Broadway Idiot 2013: From punk rock mosh pits and sold-out stadiums to the Great White Way, this electrifying documentary follows Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong as he works with Broadway veterans to turn his mega-hit album, American Idiot, into a Broadway musical. The film goes behind the scenes with Billie Joe and Michael Mayer as they create a thrilling musical experience. Broadway Idiot is a portrait of an artist having the guts to try something totally new. The film provides insider access to the creative process and reveals Billie’s personal transformation from rock star to Broadway star. REVIEWS: “Packed with revealing and sentimental moments – the movie brings even more depth and meaning to the music from one of Green Day’s most successful albums.” –Rolling Stone “Deserving of mainstream distribution, Broadway Idiot takes on more universal themes such as risk, creativity and bonding… it takes the viewer on an entirely different ride than ANY making of film about a Broadway show.”

GREEN DAY Video Archives 2015-2021 VOLUME XIV

1. The 2015 Rock & Roll 30th Annual Induction Ceremony 04/18/15: Show opening, CLEVELAND, Ohio – It can be a strange and fantastic thing to see rock stars humbled. But that’s exactly where the members of Green Day found themselves on Saturday night. Billie Joe Amstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool felt truly honored to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, each delivering moving speeches. But not without a little humor first: “I’d like to thank the Ford Motor Company for creating the Ford Econoline, the best damn touring van a band could ask for,” joked bassist Mike Dirnt. Before Dirnt and his bandmates spoke, Fall Out Boy inducted Green Day. The pop-punk band gave Green Day credit for bringing a new era of punk rock to the mainstream. “Without Green Day, there’s no us,” said Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, in inducting the band. “All of these bands that had really big success on radio, they really kicked in the door for us.” Once Green Day hit the stage, things got emotional. Armstrong began to tear up when thanking his wife for her support. He also thanked his mother for raising him as the youngest of six kids. “My record collection is actually sitting in this room,” Armstrong said of seeing his idols like Paul McCartney and Patti Smith.D irnt and Armstrong, in particular, have a close bond, They’ve known each other since elementary school. “Mike, you are my musical soul mate,” Armstrong said. “I love you so much and I thank you so much for your friendship.” Armstrong also pointed out John Kiffmeyer, the drummer of Sweet Children (Green Day before Green Day), who performed with the band during its House of Blues show in Cleveland. The same goes for Operation Ivy’s Tim Armstrong, who was in attendance both on Saturday, as well as Thursday. If there is an unofficial member of Green Day, it is Rob Cavallo. The brilliant producer worked on almost all of Green Day’s records. Armstrong called Cavallo a kindred spirit. “I love rock and roll and I love it for the rest of my life,” Armstrong said, closing out the speeches. Green Day then hit the stage, opening their set with a riotous version of “American Idiot.” The band followed that up with “When I Come Around,” its big single from “Dookie.” Last up was “Basket Case” and its unmistakeable opening question: “Do you have the time to listen to me whine…?” The 1990s’ brand of punk-rock has taken over the Rock Hall. Later in the program Billy Joe joins Ringo Star and a cast of musicians from the ceremony to perform “With a Little Help From My Friends” and “I Wanna Be Your Man”

2. The American Music Awards 11/20/16: performed their new single “Bang Bang” and gave the awards show its most explicitly political moment in a night full of less-than-favorable nods to president-elect Trump.It’s funny to think that Green Day — once the symbol of snarling youthful rebellion — are now elder statesmen in 2016. But if they’re aging, they’re doing it loudly: “Bang Bang” packs a punk punch, and toward the end of their performance, they debuted some vicious additional lyrics to the Revolution Radio track.

3. Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve12/31/19: Opening and Green Day perform “When I Come Around and later in the show perform the new song “Father of All…” live

4. The Ellen DeGeneres Show 02/07/20: The band make a pizza with guest hosts Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg then later in the show the band perform “Oh Yeah”

5. Fox Presents the iHeart Living Room Concert for America 3/29/20: Opening and Billie Joe performs and acoustic version “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” from his home, amazing.

6. The Late Late Show with James Corden 02/20/20: Opening and Green Day backstage at the head of the show. Later in the show the entire band is interviewed and for the finale the band perform “Oh Yeah” that samples Joan Jett and The Blackhearts “
Do You Wanna Touch Me”

7. One World: Together at Home 04/18/20: Opening and Billie Joe performs and acoustic version “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” from his home, amazing.

8. Jimmy Kimmel Live 04/20/21: Billie Joe is interviewed. Billy discusses his new audible original entitled “welcome to my panic” a story that is about his life through music

9. Global Citizens Live 09/26/21: “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” LIVE

This is the most complete historical Video Archives of Green Day anywhere in the world. An incredible TWENTY NINE HOURS ON FIFTEEN SEPARATE DVD’s. Even if you own ALL prior Video Archive Collections on GREEN DAY you still would not have anywhere near ALL the segments available in this unique one of a kind collection and it is only available here at MVR.

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1 review for Green Day The ULTIMATE Video Archives 1993-2021 (15 DVD Set 29 Hours) Includes Live Performances, In-Depth Interviews and Documentaries

  1. Justin Pugh

    Hey all, I’m a HUGE Green Day fan, I’m owner of (maker of the Blue replicas) and am in the process of writing a book about my adventures at Green Day concerts. In 1994, MTV was constantly on my TV and my finger was on the REC button on my VCR remote control recording every little news piece, segment, interview, live performance of Green Day. That VHS tape was priceless to me. There was no way I could ever find that stuff again–even on YouTube. Through many dorm rooms, apartments, and houses, that VHS tape was lost. It nearly made my heart sick that I no longer had those videos.
    When I came across this website, I saw that these DVD’s had EVERY SINGLE thing I had taped back in 1994-95 and even more stuff that I had missed. This is all the stuff you can’t find anywhere else…not on youtube, not on Green Day websites or archived video sites.
    They’re all pretty clear quality, not HD, but back in 94 there WAS no HD, but it’s about as clear as you can get.
    I highly recommend these DVD’s. I bought Volume I, II, and III and it was definitely worth the price. You’ll see some great old school Green Day footage.

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