H.I.M. HIM (His Infernal Majesty) The Interview Sessions Volume III


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H.I.M. The Interview Sessions Volume III

1.GermanY TV Viva2, “2 Rock” 1/00: in-depth Interview with with Ville and Mige over breakfast discussing the writing of the second album, ‘When Love And Death Embrace’,
2.GermanY tv Viva2, “Fast Forward” 11/02/99: Interview With Ville. Music Video ‘Join Me In Death’ and ‘Wicked Game’.
3.GermanY TV Viva2, “2 Rock” 1/00: Ville and Midge discuss tour
4.germany TV HIM on tour. Viva2 2/00: Promotional Commercial For Tour
5.germany TV PROMOTIONAL COMMERCIAL ”Right Here In My Arms”
6.germany TV RTL “Top of the Pops” 3/00: Ville and Midge do promo spot for “Backstage With Him” contest and introduce the top 10
7.GermanY tv Viva 3/29/00: Promotional commercial for Overdrive concert
8.GermanY tv Viva2, “2Rock” 11/99: In-depth Interview with Ville Valo at the13th Floor Premiere aftershow party. Ville discusses the meaning behind the lyrics of Join Me In Death and how concept for film matched the song. HIM live acoustic version of ‘When Love And Death Embrace’.
9.GermanY tv Viva2 “Kamikaze” Ville Valo’s get well message (funny)
10.MTV Germany “In Touch” 2000: Short interview with Ville after Echo 2000
11.GermanY tv Viva2 “2Rock” 5/21/99: Interview with Ville Valo at Rock AM Ring. Live perfomance of ‘Your Sweet 666”.
12.MTV Germany “Select” 3/00: Interview with Zoltan Pluto (keyboardist).
13.MTV Germany “Select” 4/00: In-depth interview with Ville and Mige as they discuss Razorblade Romance.
14.GermanY tv NBC “Giga” 4/00: Interview with Ville, Mige and Gas. Ville answers questions From E-mails to the studio. Perfomance of ‘Join Me In Death’. Also included are individual interviews with Ville, Mige and Drummer Gas as he plays a video game with interviewer.


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