H.I.M. HIM (His Infernal Majesty) & Ville Valo Solo Music Video Anthology 1996-2016 (2 DVD Set 4 Hours)


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Included on the DVD Set for Volumes I & II you’ll find a beautiful menu with chapter selections for EACH AND EVERY MUSIC VIDEO so you can get to your favorite video right away. This double DVD set contains THIRTY EIGHT Music Videos of not only HIM but all of the solo efforts from Ville Valo as late as this year in 2016 on Volume II. It is easily the most complete and comprehensive collection of HIM’s music videos in the world. A unique collection and a simple music have for any hard core band.

HIM & Ville Valo Solo Music Video Anthology 1996-2010 Volume I of II

(Includes full menu and chapter selections)

1. Wicked Game (Version 1)
2. Wicked Game (Version 2) (German Version)
3. When Love and Death Embrace
4. Join Me in Death (Version 1: 13th Floor)
5. Right Here in My Arms
6. Poison Girl
7. Join Me in Death (version 2) (Ice Version)
8. Wicked Game (Version 3) (Razorblade Romance Version)
9. Pretending
10. In Joy and Sorrow
11. Heartache Every Moment
12. Close to the Flame
13. the Funeral of Hearts
14. Buried Alive by Love
15. the Sacrament
16. Solitary Man
17. And Love Said No
18. Wings of a Butterfly
19. Killing Loneliness (Version 1)
20. Killing Loneliness (Version 2)
21. the Kiss of Dawn
22. Bleed Well
23. Heartkiller

HIM & Ville Valo Solo Music Video Anthology 2010-2016 Volume II of II

(Includes full menu with chapter selections)

24. Scared to Death
25. In Venere Veritas (Official Conceptual Version)
26. Ode to Solitude (Official Conceptual Version)
27. Shatter Me With Hope (Official Conceptual Version)
28. Like St. Valentine (Official Conceptual Version)
29. Dying Song (Official Conceptual Version)
30. Strange World
31. Tears on Tape
32. All Lips Go Blue
33. Into the Night

Ville Valo Solo Music Videos

34. Apocalyptica Feat. Lauri Ylonen and Ville Valo: Bittersweet
35. Ville Valo and Natalia Avelon: Summer Wine (Only Lovers Left Alive Version)
36. Ville Valo and Natalia Avelon: Summer Wine (Version 1 w/ subtitles)
37. Ville Valo and Mgt: Knowing Me Knowing You
38. Ville Valo and Natalia Avelon: Summer Wine (And While We Were Here Version)

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