The Human League Video Archives 1987-2016 Volume I

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1. (Cable US TV) BET’s Video Soul 1987: Human League In-depth Interview with all members (Phillip Oakey, Joanne Catherall & Susan Sulley) includes music videos “I Need Your Loving'” (Historical, first time on “Video Soul” and first interview on Black Entertainment Television fro Human League) (27:19)

2. (USTV) CNN Headline News 1/01/99: Interview with Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Culture Club and Human League and live footage from Human on the 1998 80’s Rewind Tour in the US singing “Don’t You Want Me?” (2:25)

3. (UKTV) BBC’s UK Channel 4 Top Ten TV Series 03/13/1999: This weekly series lists an imaginary top 10 artists from different musical genres. This episode , hosted by Boy George is a Top 10 of 1980’s Romantics. Included are all recent interviews in 1999 of the members of the bands that are featured in this special. Top Ten include #5 Human League (this is an edited version of that special inclusive of only Human League) Human League profile with 1999 interviews with the band and overall profile as well included is some rare footage never seen in the US

4. (UKTV) BBC Documentary Series “Young Guns” 1998: In-Depth Interview with the original line-up (later of Heaven 17) and later with Joanne and Susan. Easily the best documentary of the Human League ever made. This documentary takes you through from the very beginnings of Human League right up to their last LP Octopus. A end all best documentary ever on Human League. It WILL NOT disappoint an absolute must have with no exaggerations.

5. VH1’s Top 100 Songs of The 80’s 10/2006: Don’t You Want Me at #79. Includes interview with Susanne Sulley with comments from Martin Fry of ABC and Limahl of Kaja Goo Goo

6. The 80’s Rewind Festival 2011: “Fascination (Keep Feeling)” and “Together In Electric Dreams” LIVE

7. VH1’s Video Killed The Radio Star (Series 5 Ep 11): “Extended Play: The Human League 08/07/16: Phil Oakey talks about the music videos of the synth pop band who first found success in Britain in the 1980s. Here Director Steve Barron discusses the story behind the massive number one hit ‘Don’t You Want Me’. Other earlier music videos from the bands career are also profiled along with later hits like “The Lebanon” and “Together In Electric Dreams”


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  1. Mervyn Schipke (verified owner)

    This is a great collection of rare interviews and documentaries, which all fans of The Human League will want. Despite the less-than-perfect picture and sound quality of some of the source material, it’s fascinating and often hilarious viewing, listening to what must be some of the most modest and charming (and bewildered) popstars in history! And it’s precious to own this rare material, a tribute to the compiler. I definitely recommend this, especially if bought together with “The Human League and Phil Oakey Music Video and Remix Collection”. And many thanks for the great price and fast delivery to Australia.

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