Icons Unearthed: MARVEL 4 DVD Set (2023 Docu-Series ALL 8 Parts)

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Series Description: Cast, crew and experts detail the secret histories of the most iconic film and television series in Icons Unearthed. This is a deep dive into the biggest film phenomenon of the modern era. The series begins with the origins of the Marvel comic book company and the surprising twists and turns that brought it to the brink of 2008’s Iron Man, chronicling key moments that have since shaped the MCU. This docu-series gives viewers a detailed look at the making of the elaborate superhuman world, speaking to various members of the cast and crew, and looking to experts for exclusive snippets and exciting behind-the-scenes information.

Brian Volk-Weiss is in the director’s chair for this series which features exclusive interviews with talent from Hollywood and the world of comics, including Jeph Loeb, Phil Coulson, Clark Gregg, Todd McFarlane, J. Michael Straczynski, Charlie Wen, Margaret Loesch, Hulk icon Lou Ferrigno, Fred Raskin, Roger Corman, Shepherd Frankel, Bob Layton, Fernando Serzedelo, Val Mayerik, Oley Sassone, Maya Shimoguchi and more.

“We got great people, and not only did we get great people, but we also got really, really good information. Dare I say it, maybe a little gossip. We got some good stuff. There are going to be a lot of surprised people out there. Unlike Star Wars and The Simpsons to a certain degree, Marvel has not really been covered. That’s kind of the whole point of Icons Unearthed, but it’s really shocking to me. You’d be hard-pressed to find a documentary about the MCU. Very hard-pressed. “You can’t have a discussion about the most impactful franchises in film history without bringing up the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’re excited to pull the curtain back and explore how the MCU became the juggernaut it currently is. Here’s a hint, it’s due to the highest tolerance for risk in Hollywood history,”

Episode Description:

Icons Unearthed: Marvel / S1 Episode 1
Phase 0 Air Date: 03/07/22: In the decades preceding the Marvel Cinematic Universe we know today, Marvel struggled through box office flops like Howard the Duck, corporate skullduggery, and a bankruptcy.

Icons Unearthed: Marvel/ S1 Episode 2
Taking Control Air Date: 03/14/23: Marvel risks everything betting it all on a second-tier character called Iron Man. Kevin Feige takes control of the fledgling Marvel Studios, hoping to build up to the Avengers.

Icons Unearthed: Marvel / S1 Episode 3
Growing Pains Air Date: 03/21/23: The Incredible Hulk seemed like a safe bet but struggles between actors and the studio threatened to derail the MCU.

Icons Unearthed: Marvel / S1 Episode 4
Building A Universe Air Date: 03/28/23: Kevin Feige assembles his team and maps out the road to the Avengers. Marvel must figure out how to integrate Thor into the world of Iron Man as well as creating a worthy villian.

Icons Unearthed: Marvel / S1 Episode 5
No Turning Back Air Date: 04/04/23: Only one superhero story remained to get to the Avengers – Captain America. The studio had to convince star Chris Evans to return to the world of superhero movies.

Icons Unearthed: Marvel / S1 Episode 6
Avengers Assemble Air Date: 04/11/23: The Avengers was underway but with new corporate leadership under Disney, Feige’s plan would be put to the test.

Icons Unearthed: Marvel / S1 Episode 7
Testing The Limits Air Date: 04/18/23: Emboldened by their against-the-odds success, Marvel ventured onto new terrain with a little-known space fantasy title even most hard-core comic book fans didn’t know.

Icons Unearthed: Marvel / S1 Episode 8
Creative Differences Air Date: 04/25/23: Ant-Man’s original writer and director, Edgar Wright, departs from the project months before filming, taking his department heads with him.

Entire 8 Episode 4 DVD Set Duration: Approximately 6 HOURS

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