The Lost Weekend A Love Story DVD (Region 1 FOR ALL USA and CANADA DVD PLAYERS) John Lennon The Beatles


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THE LOST WEEKEND: A LOVE STORY is the true tale that took 50 years to tell. It follows John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s personal assistant, May Pang, as she recounts her 18-month relationship with John—a relationship orchestrated by Yoko herself. During this extraordinary period, May helped John reunite with his son Julian and participated firsthand in his most productive period post-Beatles in which he released albums like Mind Games, Walls and Bridges, and collaborated with powerhouses like David Bowie and Elton John. Featuring moments with Julian Lennon, Mick Jagger, Alice Cooper, and Paul McCartney, May chronicles it all from her unique perspective as a 22-year-old experiencing her first unforgettable love.

Cast: May Pang, John Lennon (archive footage), Julian Lennon, David Bowie, (archive footage), Elton John, Harry Nilsson (archive footage) Alice Cooper (voice), Jim Keltner, Chris O’Dell (voice)

Directors: Eve Brandstein, Richard Kaufman, Stuart Samuels

Total Running Time: 1 Hour 37 Minutes

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