INXS The Video Archives 1985-1991 VOLUME I


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  1. MTV Top 20 Video Countdown 1985: INXS Interview and Profile leading up to What You Need (Music Video) at the #1 slot. The Interview/Profile includes rar “in-studio” interviews with Michael and Tim from 1982 and 1984
  2. MTV Classic 1989: Another scene from the 1982 interview with Michael mentioned above on segment #1
  3. LIVE AID (Original Broadcast) 7/13/85: Complete set perfromed by INXS as broadcasted in 1985. This aired live from Australia as “OZ for Arfrica” in America around the hour of 6:00am EST. So many missed this perforamnce. Classic footage from the off air master. Includes the songs: “Original Sin”, “Listen Like Thieves”, Michael addresses the audience regarding the benefit and what it means to him, “Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)”, “What You Need” and “Don’t Change”
  4. MTV Guest VJ Hour October 1985: Michael and Tim host this hour on MTV and play there favorite videos. All music videos (except “Dancing on the Jetty”) have been edited out as well as all commercials. Very funny moments in this VJ spot.
    MTV Video Music Awards 9/86: What You Need (LIVE)
  5. The Montreaux Rock Festival 1/87: Listen Like Thieves (Performance)
  6. MTV The Week In Rock 3/12/88: INXS Interview with all members of the band/Profile on their 2nd US leg of the current KICK US Tour includes live and rehearsal footage
  7. NBC Today Show 3/23/88: In-depth Interview with Michael and Tim during second leg of the KICK Tour. Includes live footage from The KICK Tour
  8. MTV Video Music Awards 9/7/88: New Sensation (LIVE)
  9. MTV Rockumentary 1988: (Documentary) In-depth look at the history of INXS. Includes interviews of all the band members from many different periods from 1982 to 1988.
  10. MTV Video Music Awards 9/90: Suicide Blonde (LIVE vocals over studio track)
  11. MTV’s Rock in Rio 1/91: Opening by Martha Quinn, Bitter Tears, Never Tear Us Apart & NEW Sensation (LIVE)
    The American Music Awards 1/91: Disappear (LIVE)
  12. Saturday Night Live 1991: Opening, INXS “Bitter Tears” & Closing segment with INXS (7:04)
  13. MTV’s Hot Seat 02/06/91: Michael and Tim hosts the show. All videos have been edited out as well as all commercials. Footage of Rio fans outside INXS hotel as they leave.
  14. Bootleg MTV (actual short lived series on MTV) 3/27/91: Suicide Blonde (LIVE)

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